Why Aren’t You Watching Masterchef Jr. ???

Seriously though, why aren’t you. This show is the perfect mix of compelling competition and completely endearing, adorable children who are better than life at you.

The new season started this past Tuesday, with a whole new crop of young chefs from across the USA. I started watching the show about halfway through the last season after a number of recommendations to add it to my repertoire. I am so glad I did.

As I’m sure you have gathered by now, I am a huge fan of reality tv. I’ve only recently started getting into cooking competition shows, but mostly ones like ‘Chopped’ and ‘Cut Throat Kitchen’, and I’ve tended to avoid the ‘Masterchef’s and ‘Top Chef’s of the world. Something about ‘Masterchef Jr.’ just has this spark that I find the other shows lack. It’s inspiring  that these kids are so talented, that maybe I some day will learn how to cook like a normal adult. It’s astounding to me how eloquent these kids are. It’s also awesome to see a different side to Gordon Ramsey – he is kind and encouraging to these kids, the next generation of professional chefs. He is consistently supportive, and gives them excellent feedback that with help them grow.

So far, my favourites of the season are Cory and Jenna. I’m really hoping that a girl fiiiiiinally takes home the title of Masterchef Jr this season. Girl Power!!

There are very few shows on television today that are as whimsical and compelling as ‘Masterchef Jr.’



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