Eye Heart Urban Decay

I’ve acquired a few Urban Decay eye make-up products as of late, and I thought I might as well share how I am liking them with all of you, because I’m sure none of you avid beauty blog-readers have ever read any reviews regarding some of UD’s most popular products. Whatever, I’m doing it anyway.

Naked 2 Palette

This is one of make-up’s most beloved products. I was waffling between asking for the Naked 2 palette, or the original for Christmas this year, and I ended up going for the second edition. I was drawn to the beautiful, shimmery neutrals of this palette. I don’t tend to go too dramatic with my eyeshadow, but there are a few colours that give me the option to do so if desire.


I haven’t had many chances to use it yet, but when I have, I’ve loved it. The colours are gorgeous, and there’s a good mix of shimmers and mattes. The only downfall of this palette is the brush it comes with. I know not to expect high-quality brushes to come with the make-up, but I expected more from it.

Eyeshadow Primer Potion

The potions came along with the Naked 2 palette, and I was excited to try them. The current primer I use is a $2 one from ELF, and with greasy eyelids like mine, that primer is hella necessary in my life. The package came with 4 samples of the different types of the primer potion, which are said to be enough for a week each. With the infrequency of which I wear eyeshadow, I’m hoping to get more out of them.


Little Perversions Set

I picked up this bad boy on a whim during a casual stroll into Sephora. At $26 instead of the regular price of $55, I couldn’t NOT pick this up, right? It’s an unreal value for all that you get.



In the set came:

– Perversion Mascara, travel-sized

– Perversion Ink For Eyes liquid eyeliner, full-sized

– Subversion Eye Lash Primer, sample-sized

– Perversion All-Nighter Eyeliner, full-sized

– Perversion 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner, deluxe sample

– Little Perversions make-up bag

I’m a little luke-warm on the mascara. I don’t like the bristle brushes for the most part, I prefer the plastic ones. I don’t like it layered over the primer, but it’s fine on it’s own. I’m interested to try the primer with my regular mascara.



I’m also just mildly impressed with the liquid eyeliner. The brush is a little stiff, and I’m such a fan of my usual liquid eyeliner that I can’t see myself making the permanent switch.


I LOVE the All-Nighter eyeliner, and plan to make this my daily go-to for tight-lining. I haven’t got a chance to use the Glide-On eyeliner, but it will be perfect for the days when I’m too lazy to apply liquid eyeliner.



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