The Bachelor – Top and Bottom

A new season of The Bachelor is upon us. I wasn’t super impressed with the choice of Farmer and third-place suitor in the last season of the Bachelorette, Chris Soules. I found him to be a little bland, but after Juan Pablo, a vanilla guys is probably what the producers think the franchise needs. I’m hoping he can prove me wrong, but in the meantime, the women will hopefully provide some entertainment.

Since I’m lazy, and because for the most part they’re boring, I’m not going to give you a run-down of all 30 women. If you want that, just listen to the preview podcast. I’m going to give you my 3 favourite and least favourite women of the season.

The Top



She’s a cool news producer from Washington DC who loves netflix and Mexican food, but she might be a little too much from Chris. Whatever, she’s my favourite and this is my blog, so what I say, goes.



She’s Canadian, so I think that’s reason enough for her to be on the list. I think her and Chris would be a good match. She’s super cute and they type of girl that usually does well on this show.



She’s not the most dynamic girl, but I think that’s probably what Chris wants/needs. She has a career that can easily translate to life in Iowa. I think she’s going to go far.

The Bottom



33 isn’t old in real life, but in the Bachelor world it’s over-the-hill.



What is with the extra e? I just don’t think she has a chance. At all.



Now, I think Reegan is going to last awhile. She is going to be kept around for the drama, and I think she’s definitely going to provide it. I just don’t think she’ll be standing on the podium at the end accepting the final rose.

I’m looking forward to the Bachelor being back and having a reason to regularly write some posts. Make sure you check out the latest podcast, Rob Cesternino joined Amy and I for our bi-annual Bachelor draft, my own Bachelor bio, and follow me on twitter!


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