Time to Say Goodbye

IMG_9948I think the Andrea Boccelli hit describes the Blue Jays recent moves in a way that I don’t think any other pop-opera anthem ever could.

In the last few weeks, Blue Jays fans had to say goodbye to a few guys we had come to know and love and be frustrated with over the last few seasons, plus a few minor leaguers we had only caught glimpses of. Fan favourite and resident bad boy Brett Lawrie was shipped from his home country team, along with Sean Nolin, Kendall Graveman, and Franklin Barretto, to the Oakland A’s. Previously, we bid adieu to Adam Lind, Colby Rasmus, Brandon Morrow, and Sergio Santos. We also said ‘adios’ to J.A. Happ earlier this week, a pitcher who remained a steady presence in an often shaky starting rotation. After weeks of it looking like the Jays were looking to resign Melky Cabrerra, we can say goodbye to the chances of that happening as well.

It’s not all sad though, we’ve been able to welcome some new players into the Blue Jays brethren. In the Oakland trade, the Jays received arguably the best third baseman in the league in Josh Donaldson. This is a guy whose highlight reel is just as stacked as Lawrie’s, and with fewer injuries. Michael Saunders will fill the hole left in the outfield by Melky, and the hole left in the Canadianess of the Jays left by Lawrie. He’s a solid left fielder and has always hit well in Toronto. This has been an underrated pick up for the Jays.

Alex Anthopolous has not been afraid to pull the trigger this year after a slow off-season in 2013. The moves have been clearly calculated and are definitely going to make the Jays a contender for the pennant in 2015. I doubt the moves will be stopping here. Stay tuned!



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