Pumpkin Painting

I am hideously uncreative when it comes to choosing a Halloween costume. For a few years, I was going as a cast member from a various array of reality television shows. Luckily, this lack of creativity does not translate to pumpkin decorating.

This year, I decided to cut the whole ‘carving the pumpkin thing’ out of the equation and avoid the mess that comes with digging out the pumpkin innards. I get it, I ruin fun. I went for the painting angle.

We had some leftover chalkboard paint in the basement from when my Mother painted the kitchen wall, so I thought it would be cool to through that on a pumpkin and draw on it.

First step is head to the pumpkin patch, and pick out the pumpkin of your dreams.


Take it home, wash it off, prepare your work area for a mess


Gather the necessities



Get to werk.



Let it dry




I’m really happy with the way my pumpkin turned out. If I get bored of the current design between now and the 31st, I can change it up! Carving a pumpkin never offers that kind of variety!


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