Are You the One?

AYTOI love dating shows. I love strategy shows. I’m pretty sure MTV’s ‘Are You the One?’ was made for people like me.

The second season premiered a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to get a couple of episodes down before I wrote about it. I only caught a few episodes last season, but every one I saw, I loved. I decided I needed to get on board with the show straight from the beginning this time around.

The premise is a little tricky, especially with a twist thrown in this season. Twenty young men and women are take to Puerto Rico as a group, and in their group is their ‘perfect match’. Supposedly, there’s a scientific formula or something that is said to make this process legit. I don’t know about that one, but I’m willing to suspend my disbelief for a solid reality show. Anyway, these people must compete in challenges, go on dates, and try to guess who their perfect match is in order to split $1 million. Each episode, the house votes to send a couple into the ‘truth booth’ in order to confirm the perfect matches. If the perfect match is confirmed, they are sent to the ‘honeymoon suite’. There is also a match up ceremony each episode, they couples lock in who they think their match is, beams of light show how many pairs are correct, but not who they are.

A wrench was thrown into the mix this season in the form of an 11th girl. One guy has 2 matches, the first girl to lock in with him wins the money, the other girl must go home immediately – as poor as she walked in the house.

I am loving this show, it is really filling the Monday-night-dating-show-void that was left in my heart for about 6 weeks. I try and watch it right when it’s on instead of waiting until the next day to watch it on my DVR. Hell, I even watch the episodes twice sometimes. THAT is how much I love this show.

The characters are interesting and dynamic, the format is new and invigorating. It brings all the drama you expect from an MTV show, but with a ‘we have a goal to reach’ spin. It’s interesting to see who is thinking about the money, and who is just following their heart.

Three weeks in, and of course there is drama already. There’s a love triangle (or square?) when it comes to Layton, Jenni, Jessica, and Anthony. Paris and Pratt refuse to let each other out of their sights, even for strategy. Christina and Brandon were disappointed when it was revealed that they weren’t each other’s perfect match, and are struggling to move on. Nate won’t stop stage-5 clinging to Shelby. Tyler is just creating drama, and no one wants to be with her.

My favourites so far are Christina, Briana, and Curtis. I need to see a little bit more from some of the other characters. I don’t think we’ve seen nearly enough from Alexandria, Ashley, and Garland. This show is not doing a great job at letting us get to know all of the cast, and I think that it’s really the downfall of the show.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what else is coming on this show – if you are too, make sure to tune in Mondays at 10 pm EST to watch it all unfold.


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