OPI MLB Fashion Plate

The World Series starts tomorrow night, and I for one, could not be more excited. I’m sad that baseball season is ending, but I would be perfectly happy with either team taking the crown, unlike last year when the dreaded Boston Red Sox won. Rex Sox fans, please don’t hate me, I hate the Yankees more.

My best friend got me the OPI MLB Fashion Plate set for my birthday this year, and I’m just finally getting around to testing it out. I’d like to claim that my life has been completely overtaken by school and work, but it’s partially because I’m lazy.



From left to right;

Umpires Come Out at Night is a creamy royal blue

Girls Love Diamonds is a iridescent shimmery white that’s great as a top coat, or on its own

7th Inning Stretch is a dark, shimmery navy blue

Short-STOP is a creamy, bold, fire-engine red

Orange You Going to the Game? is a shimmery orange

Love Athletes in Cleats is a medium-to-dark shimmery red


Here are a few looks I created, maybe even representing your favourite team;

Detroit Tigers


Umpires Come Out at Night & Orange You Coming to the Game

Baltimore Orioles & San Francisco Giants


Julep’s Kedi & Orange You Going to the Game

Chicago White Sox


Julep’s Kedi & Girls Love Diamonds

Chicago Cubs


7th Inning Stretch & Love Athletes in Cleats

Cleveland Indians 


Umpires Come Out at Night & Short-STOP

Cincinnati Reds


Short-STOP & Love Athletes in Cleats

Toronto Blue Jays


Short-STOP, Umpires Come Out at Night, & Girls Love Diamonds


Since my beloved MLB season is almost over, hockey has arrived, and basketball is just around the corner, I thought I would share a few looks for my favourite NHL and NBA teams as well.

Toronto Raptors


Girls Love Diamonds & Love Athletes in Cleats

Toronto Maple Leafs


7th Inning Stretch & Girls Love Diamonds

I like this collection, but I feel like it could use a bit more variety. The colours cover a lot of teams, but they’re missing out on colours for some teams all together – such as the Pirates, A’s, Rockies, Marlins, etc. If you love baseball, this a super cute set for your collection. All of the bottles are tiny, so you can easily through them in your carry-on for your next baseball excursion.


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