Julep – October 2014

Another month, another accidental Julep box because I forgot to opt out within the window. I really need to just straight up cancel, but they make it so difficult AKA you have to actually call someone, and ain’t nobody got time for that. At least this box was better than the last time I accidentally forgot to cancel, so it didn’t hurt quite as bad.



Inside were cards that I barely read because I wanted to see my new polishes, dammit!!



First thing’s first; the candy corn. I really love this candy corn. I’ve already eaten them. Woops.


My least favourite in the box, which I actually still like quite a bit, is called Dana. It’s a shimmery white that is supposed to be black light reactive, which I’m sure you can see if you are able to read upside down. I’m not really into white polish, so I don’t know how much I’ll use it. The black light part isn’t a selling point for me because I spend little time around a black light, as I am not on 20/20 Investigative Reports’ research team that goes into hotel rooms to see how gross they are.


Ledi is a really pretty, shimmery black. I’ve been nervous about black polishes in the past, but I’ve been warming up to them as of late, especially when they have a different element to them. The shimmer really breaks up the darkness for me.


This is definitely my favourite polish in the box. The picture just doesn’t do it justice. Shailene is a really gorgeous deep purple with gold glitter. I love love love this one, and it’s a perfect colour for winter.

Even though this was a good month, I don’t love Julep, I never have. It’s probably time for me to actually cancel so I can stop screwing myself out of $20.



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