Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation

I am pretty well the queen of impulse-buying drug store beauty products. I have trouble justifying spending a chunk of money on one, solid beauty product, and feel the need to spend the same amount on a handful of products that never really live up to my expectations. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve found a ton of drug store products that I can’t live without, but I’ve come across my fair share of ‘should have passed’ products. Rimmel London’s Stay Matte Foundation actually met my expectations really well.


I was walking through the aisles of target thinking about how much I hated my face that day, when I spotted it. At a paltry $7.99, I had to pick it up. It promised matte! IT PROMISED FULL-COVERAGE!!!! You know what? It pretty well lived up to that!

After I bought the product, I read reviews. They made me a little nervous because there were a ton of reviews saying that it made people break out. I don’t have the most agreeable skin, so I was worried about using it. I went for it anyway, and I, shockingly, haven’t had any problems really. I’ve made sure to wash my face extra-diligently after wearing it though, so if your skin is prone to break-outs, be careful of that aspect.

I feel like it’s not quite as light-weight as they claim. A little bit goes a VERY long way. I also recommend you use your fingers to apply it, I tried to use a brush and it did not work well. Oh, and make sure to blend and blend and blend. It’s very easy for this make-up to look streaky. It sticks to dry patches and makes them look really cakey, so through on a little extra moisturiser on these areas. If you have dry skin, you might want to skip this product all together. Although, if you have dry skin, you’re probably not looking for a mattifying product.



I tend to wear this product over a primer (maybelline baby skin) and under a setting powder. I have been impressed with its longevity, make-up on my face has the tendency to melt riiiight off, but this stuff stayed on pretty well. Even after a shift at the restaurant I work at wear I spend 5 hours running up and down stairs.

The price is great for the quality of the product, and I definitely recommend it if you think you have some of the similar skin issues that I do.


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