The Bachelor Canada – Tears and Cougars

Wow, guys, I’m sorry to be so negative about this show. I really, really loved the first season. I thought they did a great job at really differentiating the Bachelor Canada from the flagship edition of the Bachelor. They had a compelling lead and cast, which made for a great season. The show seems to be failing in both these aspects. Note to casting – a girl who is guaranteed to cry =/= a solid character. Tim seems a little cold, and I get that it’s a difficult scenario to be in, so I hope his personality starts to break through in the next episode or so. There has to be some reason that this guy was cast, and not just for his face. One bright spot about the show is that it was only an hour. Thank god.

Less chemistry than a high school english class

Less chemistry than a high school english class

The first one-on-one date of the season goes to the Ballerina, Kaylynn, who has far too many arbitrary y’s in her name for me to be comfortable with. They go for a helicopter jaunt and eat some dinner. She divulges to Tim that she was bullied when she went away to boarding school. I guess they had some chemistry that none of us saw, and she got the rose from Tim.

The next day a bunch of people whose names I will not learn when on a group date with Tim. We’ve got our claaaaassic formulaic group date of a competition so that only half the women will be able to continue on the date. The dragon boated, some people lost, others won. The winners moved on to a garden where the girls wear production-given robes. I’d totally go on this show for the free clothes and make-up. I’m willing to trade my dignity for that.  Don’t lie to me and say you wouldn’t.

she has the right to feel, you guys

she has the right to feel, you guys

There’s another smaller group date later on in the episode. Christine, Natalie, Sonia, and one of the April’s got to have their make up done and have a steamy photo shoot with Tim. The first two photo shoots were nothing to write home about, but they were fine enough. The resident cougar, Sonia, had a photo shoot that was beyond awkward. Which is strange for a woman who literally gets paid to have people take photos of her in her underwear. Tim notices the lack of chemistry and realizes that she’s at the end of her best years, and doesn’t make her wait until the rose ceremony to send her packing.

At the cocktail party, Kaylynynynynynyn, who already has a rose, cries because she doesn’t know how to deal with her emotions in this situation. Martha tells her to stop whining for the love of god, and I thank Martha for this. After Tim sends other women home, he talks to Kaylynynynynynynynynnynynynyyn and she throws Martha under the bus, which she did not appreciate.

Next week; CABO.


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