The Bachelor Canada – Soft Starts

who needs an ocean when you can ponder overlooking a lake?

who needs an ocean when you can ponder overlooking a lake?

This post won’t be particularly inspired, mostly because the premiere of season 2 of the Bachelor wasn’t particularly inspired either. Yes, it was my fault that I missed the first 8 minutes because I forgot it was on, and that I went and showered halfway through the show because it just wasn’t holding my interest. It’s very possible that I’m just a little burnt out from the Bachelor franchise, but I will push through, because I love you guys.

I was looking forward to the return of the show after a year-long hiatus, but it didn’t quite have that spark in the first episode. Maybe it was the lead, Tim Warmels, wasn’t the most compelling lead. Or that the first episode of these shows are always a little awkward. We are introduced to some of the girls. Ladies of interest are a vagajazzler and a 40-y-o lingerie model. Do I remember their names? Good joke, readers.

your villain of the season

your villain of the season

The ladies meet Tim and enter the mansion, thankfully wearing far fewer tacky prom dresses than last season. Don’t worry though, there were still a few. The women made an attempt to make their best first impressions on Tim in hopes to receive a rose at the end of the night. Some of the stand outs were the girl who made an apple pie, because you all know, food always wins me over. There was a girl who opened a bottle of champagne with a knife, which I think is insanely cool, because I know I would lose a finger if I ever attempted that. Another girl decided to sing a song she had wrote. I am never a fan of self-written proclamations of adoration, but it took guts. That bet paid of, because she was given the first impression rose.

What’s an episode of the Bachelor without a little girl-on-girl drama? The ginger, who is set to be this season’s villain, ‘accidentally’ poured a drink on one of the other women. Girl is not here to make friends, mmkay.

At the end of the episode, some women went home, others didn’t. The End. Sorry this post. I can only promise it will be better next week if the show promises the same thing.


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