A Taste of Boston

Obvious to pretty much anyone who has read this blog, one of my favourite things about travelling is new food and new restaurants. This is a collection of what I ate and where I ate it in Boston. Since I am a bad blogger, I didn’t photograph everything in every place. So, I guess I’m just going to have to paint with words here.

Taco Truck – Harvard Square

I love Mexican food, it’s my favourite. I was walking around Harvard Square in search of a restaurant a friend told me about called ‘Felipe’s’. Before I could reach it, I found ‘Taco Truck’ so I stopped in there. I had the Al Pastor tacos – sweet pulled pork with pineapple, onion, and green salsa. Another thing worth noting, if you are a pop/soda fan, they have a selection of different, Mexican pops. I had the cherry cola and it was great. I loooved these tacos. I know that pineapple on things is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I am a big fan.



Gourmet Dumpling House – Chinatown

I saw this restaurant on the Lonely Planet Boston page. There were rave reviews of their Shanghai soupy dumplings. When I was in China, there was this amazing little hole-in-the-wall dumpling place right down the street from the school we were staying at in Nanjing. This place had the world’s most amazing dumplings. Straight up. If you find yourself in Nanjing, look for this place. It’s down the street from a McDonald’s. Helpful, I know. ANYWAY. I read trip advisor reviews, some were great, some were less than stellar. The restaurant is very small, I went by myself and ended up sharing a table with some others. The food was quick, and good. The dumplings were not what I was hoping for, but they were good nonetheless.




Union Square Donuts – Union Square, Somerville

My friend Taylor was telling me about this place before I even landed in Boston. Gourmet donuts? I’m in. We went one Saturday morning. Be prepared to wait in line, and don’t expect to be able to find a seat to sit down and enjoy your donut. It’s worth it though, these things were bomb. Taylor got a strawberry donut, and I went all out and got maple bacon.





Max Brenner – Downtown

Taylor and I were getting a little hungry after a long afternoon of touristing. It wasn’t quite time for dinner, but we hit up Max Brenner, best-known for their chocolate-heavy menu. We decided to share half of a fully-loaded dessert pizza with marshmallows, bananas, nutella, and peanut butter. It was very good, but a lot. The bartender was even nice enough to present us with a complimentary chocolate shot, which was super.



Village Tavern and Grill – Salem

I needed to have a lobster roll before I left the Boston area. After perusing Salem, we thought it was the perfect place to get one. We yelped a place to get one, and we wandered around trying to find the place. We didn’t, we found somewhere else that had a lobster roll on their menu. We split a cold Lobster Roll and a garden salad. As expected, it wasn’t the cheapest meal, but it was a solid lobster roll.


Saus – Downtown

Saus is famous for their friends, and according to a plaque on the wall, has been on an episode of ‘Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives’. As I have seen many episodes of that show, it’s possible I’ve heard of this place before. Okay, so, my meal was only okay. I got the Sloppy Jaques. It was fine, but it wasn’t my favourite thing. The fries were bomb though. I’m sure other people would love this, I just didn’t. I think it was partially due to my regret that I didn’t try one of their speciality poutines. You can take the girl out of Canada, but you can’t take Canada out of the girl.


Tony’s Clam Shop – Quincy

I am a huge seafood fan. When I was visiting my friend Melissa in Quincy, she took me to Tony’s, which is right on the waterfront. It’s an absolutely fantastic location, we ate our dinner right on the beach. I got the calamari, Mel got the clam strips. They were good, but I wanted a liiiiittle more flavour in the batter.



The Independent – Somerville

I had the Smoked Turkey Club. It had cranberry sauce on it, which I’m always into. A little on the pricier side, but the food was good.

Tasty Burger Fenway

I got the Kahuna Burger. Again, I love pineapple on things. Ohhhh my goddddd this place was good. Please go here if you like burgers. They have a ton of different, cool speciality burgers. GO RIGHT NOW.

Yardhouse Fenway

We went just before the baseball game, so it was pretty packed and we had a little bit of a wait. They have a huuuge selection of craft beer, different ciders, and wine. I tried the speciality pumpkin cider, I wish I could tell you who it was by, but I can’t. Sorry. I’m a big cider fan, and this was a really different one. I wish I could remember what it was, because I would love to find it again. They also serve yards of beer. Like, beer in a glass that is a yard long. It looked difficult to maneuver, but if you’re into odd-shaped glasses, it’s for you. For dinner I had the BBQ Chicken Salad. It had thin onion rings on it, which I love. It was a great salad.

Redbones BBQ – Davis Square, Somerville

Along with Mexican food, I also love BBQ food. We hit up Redbones after a comedy show. It is a really cool bar and restaurant where we ended up spending the evening. I went for a classic, a pulled pork sandwich. It came with beans and potato salad. Pulled pork was great, and I’m not usually a potato salad fan, but I liked this one. I was not a fan of the beans, however. This is a really cool spot to hang out, and the food was great.

After looking at all of these pictures again, I’m really going through taste withdrawal.



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