Boston – Tourist Hotspots

I couldn’t leave Boston without doing some touristy things. Now, I think it’s important to discover a city at least partly on your own, it gives you a longer-lasting knowledge of the city. That being said, I know that’s not for everyone, and some people like to go from tour to tour, and that’s totally fine. All different travel styles are welcome here. There were a number of your typical ‘touristy’ things that I wanted to see, and after hearing amazing things about the Duck Tours is Boston, I wanted to try one of those as well. SO WE DID. Here are the touristy things I did while in Boston.

Thursday, I had the day to myself. I took the subway into Downtown Boston. I walked around the Commons before heading towards Chinatown for lunch.








After Chinatown, I went to the Downtown Crossing area where I went into different stores searching for wifi and convinced myself that I don’t need Benefit’s new They’re Real eyelinerbefore heading back to Somerville to watch some Lifetime movies.

Friday, after the Fenway tour, we made out way to the Mary Baker Eddy Library to visit the Mapparium. I read about it in Maphead a few weeks ago and neeeeded to visit. It was seriously so cool you guys. If you’re into maps, it’s a must-see. If not, wellllll it’s still super cool, but you might want to take a pass. I was a little miffed that we weren’t allowed to take pictures. Usually, I’ll sneak an iPhone photo in these situations, but our guide didn’t seem to be very forgiving.

We walked around the city a little more before heading to the game.




On Sunday, Taylor and I went on a Duck Tour. If you haven`t heard of these, they are available in many different cities. What is unique about them is that you get a land and water tour. Our guide, Flo, was a real gem. The tour itself was really great, and definitely worth checking out. We bought our tickets on LivingSocial, so hit that up for some deals.







Our sailor hats came in handy.


Our friend Laura joined us after lunch and we went to the New England Aquarium. Now, it’s not the best Aquarium I’ve ever been to (I’ve been spoiled by the Ripley’s one in Toronto), It was still a good time. Especially since Taylor’s friend lent us their season pass, and we split the price of the third ticket, so it wasn’t overly expensive for us.







I headed to Quincy to see a friend for dinner. We ate on along the beach where we watched the sun go down.



There were a lot of things in Boston I didn’t see, but I saw everything I was desperate to. I guess I will have to make a return trip!

image (24)


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