Boston – Spellbinding Salem

I’ve always wanted to go to Salem. The Witchcraft Trials have always interested me. When I realized how close the town was to Boston, it took a firm spot near the top of my ‘must-do’ list.

Taylor and I drove down to the coast to Salem in hopes of a bewitching experience. Yeah, this post is going to be full of magical puns, and if you can’t handle that, stop reading now. No, please don’t.

We picked up a few maps and sailor hats at the Visitors’ Centre, where we heard rumours there was a store full of Harry Potter paraphernalia. This was my JAM. We went into a few shops that were definitely hella witchy, but not Harry Potterish enough for my liking.


We then stumbled across a wand store.





I was so excited, y’all. I didn’t purchase my own wand, but I certainly tried out a few.


The wand chooses the witch, don’t you know.


I then found the aforementioned store, ‘Remember Salem’. There was so many cool things in this store. They had a fridge full of Butterbeer, scarves and shirts for whatever house you identify with. They even have a super cool replica Great Hall for birthday parties. I wasn’t allowed to go in though. CURSE YOU.



We wanted to visit at least one of the museums, so we went to the Salem Witch History Museum. There are a couple of different museums to visit, and there are deals if you visit more than one. The museum we chose gave a guided tour through scenes with mannequins and props that told us the history of the trials in Salem. After our tour, we wandered around the town, and visited the waterfront.






Wanting to beat the impending storms, we went for lunch and then headed home. I’m so glad I was able to visit Salem, it definitely put a spell on me!


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