The Return of Tuesday Night TV

spoiler alert; danny can MOVE

spoiler alert; danny can MOVE

It’s been a long, dreary, unfunny Summer. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but it has felt like my life was incomplete without my Tuesday night TV shows. Last year’s breakout hit, ‘Brooklyn 99’ has made the move to Sunday, and will premiere on the 28th. No fear, ‘New Girl’ and ‘the Mindy Project’ returned last night.

‘New Girl’ picked up with the gang at the end of a long summer of weddings, setting the goal that all 5 of them would hook up at the last wedding of the season. Jess and Nick are still dealing with the awkwardness of being exes that still live together. Cece just broke up with her young, Australian beau, and Schmidt is still has feelings for her. Coach has his string of women from the summer thinking he was a total douche, and Winston is facing issues of his own. Mostly related to mobility. I won’t spoil the episode for you because I’m a nice gal.

The episode sees the presence of two guest stars, Jessica Biel and Reid Scott, who play a role in Jess conquest hopes. After a phenomenal second season, the third season didn’t hold up quite as well. There were a number of episodes that were very mediocre. Some plotlines were stretched out to the point of being annoying, and some characters weren’t being utilized to their potential. I thought this was a strong episode, and I hope this will continue on this season.

Now for what is possibly my favourite show currently on television; ‘the Mindy Project’. I’ve been obsessed since episode 1. This is, for my money, the best written comedy on television.

This season started with Mindy and Danny, who are clearly still happy in their relationship, even after the Summer. The episode features something the couple has always struggled with; trust and Mindy’s tendency to over-share. We also catch up with Peter and Lauren, who are now official. Aside – I LOVE the Tracey Wigfield has made her way onto the show, hopefully in a fairly permanent role. I think she’s just fantastic. ‘the Mindy Project’ too featured a guest star. For the second time, an ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ alumni made their way onto the show. Rob McIlenney played the role of Morgan’s convict cousin.

The show perfectly captures the thoughts and feelings of the ‘every girl’, and is relatable for men and women of all ages. The second season was able to build on the momentum of the first, and I have no doubts that the third season will be equally as amazing.

How did you like the Tuesday night premieres, and which shows are you looking forward to starting up again? Let me know on twitter!


One thought on “The Return of Tuesday Night TV

  1. beth roettger says:

    I have to say that I love The Mindy Project too. It’s definitely the best comedy show on TV right now. Glad to see that somebody else feels the same 🙂

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