Boston – Harvard & Cambridge

I’ve wanted to go to Boston for a really long time. I’ve driven past it a handful of times on my way to and from University, but had never gone into the city. After years of dreaming, I finally went. I went to visit a few friends who lived in the city, and stayed on the edge of Cambridge. With some time to explore by myself, I hung out around Harvard Square, checking out a couple shops around the area.

Firstly, I walked around the Harvard Campus. The campus was stunningly gorgeous, shocking, I know.






I loved all the shops in this area, there was a good mix of your well-known retail stores and some really great boutiques. My favourite shop was called Black Ink, which had a lot of neat stationary items and cards. Check it out.







Later that night, Taylor and I hit up the Paint Corner Art Bar in Cambridge. We found the pass on LivingSocial, so we ended up paying $18 each for the night. Included is the painting lesson, the paint, and the canvas. Also, as I’m sure you gathered from the name, there is a bar at this shindig. You can also get various snacks at the bar. Anyway, here is our night.






Although it’s not really in Cambridge, Taylor and I hit up the ComedySportz show on Saturday night. Taylor is a member of the improv company, so a bunch of her friends were performing. It’s a family friendly show, so if you have kids, it’s worth it to check it out. Even if you don’t have kids, it’s still really great.

Cambridge is my favourite area of Boston that I visited. I knew it would be. I hear it calling my name and requesting my residency some time in the future…


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