Beauty Box 5 – August 2014

Yes, I know, I’m sorry that it is mid-September and I’m just getting to the August box now. It’s only partially my fault though. I didn’t even get the box until the beginning of the month because of a warehouse mix-up. I ended up getting the July box for free, and I got this one for 50% off with a code I used at check-out. So, let’s get to the contents of this box.


DSC00257There was a card to enter for a chance to win full-sized versions of all the products in this box, buuut you had to enter before August 31, soooo that meant nothing to me.


Pur-lisse sunscreen – Like, this is fine. I’ve heard good things about this brand, but I probably won’t have a chance to use it until next Summer. It is mid-September and it’s already effing freezing.



Nanacoco Lipgloss – This gloss is, well, interesting. The colour is a little barbie-ish, and the formula leaves much to be desired. It is streaky and sticky. You have to build it up a lot to get a consistent colour. I doubt I will be using this much.


Generic Nail Polish – It doesn’t not say what brand it is by, leading me to believe that it’s just some generic nail polish. It doesn’t stop this from being my favourite thing in the box. I loooove this sparkly black polish. I used it as soon as I got it. A friend also got this box, but her nail polish was clear with teal flecks in it, and it’s nowhere near as nice as the one I got.


La Fresh Make Up Removing Wipes – This brand is a beauty box staple. Wipes are useful, they’re good to travel with. Nothing special.


Queratina Brasileira Keratin Hair Treatment – I haven’t used this yet, I have a few other hair masks to use before this, but I’ll get to it eventually. It will probably make my hair soft while teaching me some casual Portuguese.

Overall I was underwhelmed by this box, and all the boxes I have received from Beauty Box 5. If I were you, I would opt for Ipsy or Birchbox. In Canada, the shipping and box for both Ipsy and BB5 even out. The wait to get subscribed with Ipsy is a little longer, but the quality is much better. In the USA, Birchbox and Ipsy are both cheaper and have better quality, so I don’t know why you would choose BB5 over them.


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