Bachelor in Paradise – Paradise Lost

This was really a weird episode. After such a solid season, it was kind of anti-climactic and disappointing to see the first edition of BiP end this way. It was a show about making connections, and at the end it seemed like you either had to have a super strong connection or GTFO. There was no middle ground for the people who liked the person they were with, but weren’t ready to make a solid commitment yet. Which is totally fine IRL, but not in the land of Paradise. The couples people who came in near the end were at a severe disadvantage from the get-go. It’s no surprise that 5/6 people in the final couples were there since the first episode. I don’t see why certain couples couldn’t just test the waters outside of the cabana just to see what might happen. Anyway, let’s go through the couples.

'we just met, want to break up?'

‘we just met, want to break up?’

Christy & Tasos

They knew each other for like, a day, obviously they weren’t ready to make the leap into a real relationship. They would have been Elise-level crazy to do so. It made no sense for Tasos to come in right at the end when he barely had a chance to make a connection. God, I hate myself for using that term without irony, but here we are. I feel like they could have actually had a chance if they didn’t put so much pressure on their relationship. Those are just my opinions about it. Obviously I don’t know if they were actually into each other or if it was just convenient for them to have a few more days in Mexico.

Zach & Jackie

Another couple that barely had a chance! Obviously they’re going to break it off if the only week they got to spend together was marred by Jackie going on a date with someone else!

Ashlee & Graham

I made it pretty clear that I was no fan of Ashlee’s from the beginning. Apparently Michelle $ and I were on the same wavelength, because she told Graham that Ashlee was NO good for him. He agreed, and he ended things with her. She was not having any of that, she didn’t want to brek up, but they did. It never seemed like Graham was that into her, and my guess is he stuck around for the airtime.

the future is not bright for them

the future is not bright for them

Robert & Sarah

They went into this week being totally sure of their relationship, but that quickly changed after the fantasy suite. Sarah said that Robert didn’t even want to touch her, and ended up sleeping in his jeans. That is comfy for no one, for real. Have you ever accidentally napped in your jeans? not cool. Sarah was extremely hurt by this, and decided she didn’t want to continue her relationship with Robert. Robert was pretty blindsided, he thought the night was amazing. Girlfriend, if he thinks a night where he slept in his jeans an ‘amazing night’, then you’re making the right choice by saying goodbye to him. They both left paradise

Cody & Michelle

The surprise couple of the season went into the finale with a few doubts. Well, half of the couple did. After seeing the other pairs fall, Michelle wasn’t sure what to do about Cody. She called her daughter for some reassurance. Brielle came off as the most well-adjusted person on the whole show. She told her Mom to just follow her heart, so she did. She followed it riiiight into the fantasy suite with Cody. The next morning she announced that she had a boyfriend, and that boyfriend had a certain set of skills. They made it through some ‘tough’ questioning by some ‘successful’ Bachelor alumni. They accepted each other’s rose and lived happily ever after.

true love

true love

Lacey & Marcus

Ahhhh, the blandest couple of them all!! Seriously these two are so boring. They got engaged. Big whoop.

This season was sooo great, so this finale ended up being such a let down. I’m really hoping that they work out some of these format kinks before their second season. Until then, follow me on twitter and check out the two finale podcasts (1,2) we did. Adios amigos! besitos!!



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