The New Products I’m Using

I have a real ish walking into Target’s cosmetics section and NOT buying something (it was on sale!). I’m sure this is an issue that plagues many people. Shockingly, only one of these purchases was an impulse buy. The other two were a ‘well I know I want something like this, I just have to find the right one’ and a ‘well, I’ve thought about buying this product for like a solid 2 months, so I’m going to finally bite the bullet and just buy it’ product, respectively.

Yes to Blueberries – Age Refresh Facial Cleansing Towelettes


More like, Yes to Impulse Purchases amirite? Listen, I’m as lazy as the next gal, and I don’t always feel like pulling out the soap and water and washing my face at the end of the day. This is where these bad boys come in. They cleanse and moisturise all in one step. They’re also made for ageing. I’m on the verge of 23, so this isn’t a main priority for me, but I guess I’ll have to consider it one day, so why not be a step ahead. There are 25 98% organic towelettes for you to wipe dirt and make up off your face with. If you are looking for the science behind organic beauty products, this is not the place. SORRY, Y’ALL. Anyway, I was merely whelmed with these products. The scent is niceish, and they cleanse, but the moisturising aspect might be a little TOO moisturising for my non-dry skin. It appears I’ll have to wait until my mid-30’s to see if they had any impact on the ageing process.

Rimmel London – Colour Rush in Boom Chic A Boom



I’ve been looking for a lip colour this shade for a while now, and this one seemed to be the best product for the amount of money I was willing to spend. I didn’t want to go wild and crazy with my money in case I wasn’t feeling the colour on me. Luckily for me, I really love it! The colour is a really lovely shade of magenta on the cool side that I think could work on a lot of different skin tones. I picked it up for around $5.50 at my local, say it with me everyone, TARGET. The product is surprisingly moisturising, but I always layer some chapstick on underneath, because I find the bright colours tend to be a little drying. It’s lasting power is fine. I mean, I woke up and still had fairly magenta lips the next morning, but I had to apply it a few times throughout the night. Regardless of that, I’m a big fan of it, and it’s going to become my new go-to lip colour for the fall.

Kat Von D – Tattoo Liner in Trooper



I have a hard time justifying spending a good chunk of money of make-up. It works for a lot of people who use these types of products a lot, but that’s just not me. I’ve been able to make it this far with my drug store beauty products, but this time, I just had to stray. It was totally worth it. A couple of friends picked this liquid eyeliner pen up a couple of months ago after seeing some rave reviews. I did not. I was happy with my current liquid eyeliner pen. That ran out, and I picked up ELF’s liquid eyeliner. I hated it. Listen, the ELF product is great if you are fine with a bristle brush and have a few minutes to let your eyeliner dry. The colour is superb. But I am impatient as all hell, so I ended forgoing liquid eyeliner for a few weeks until I was able to pick up the Kat Von D eyeliner. At 18$ it is by no means the most expensive eyeliner on the market, but it was more than I was used to paying. I was very sceptical at first, but it took very few wears for me to become a believer. I have been blessed with naturally greasy eyelids, cute girl prob, I know, so many eyeliners smudge. This shit did not move. AT ALL. Even after a number of sweaty hours at my restaurant job. I was incredibly impressed. It was slightly faded, but it did not budge. I wish it was just a TOUCH darker, but I was so pleased with its staying power, that I can deal with that minor fault.




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