Survivor – San Juan Del Sur Preview

It’s almost time for everyone’s favourite reality show that takes place in an exotic locale hosted by a guy who exclusively wears blue button-down shirts to return!! That’s right everyone, Survivor is back with a vengeance. They return to Nicaragua for the 29th installation of the show with an all-new cast, but with a twist we’ve seen before.

Your host and saviour

Your host and saviour

The Twists

We see the return of the blood vs water format this season. Instead of having 10 returning players and their family, we get a bevy of all new players. I like this change. B vs W was basically a twist on F vs F AKA one team being basically decimated because they don’t know how to play, and a couple of returning players are able to run the table. Of course I love the classic ‘everyone is a stranger’ element of ‘Survivor’, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Another returning twist is Exile Island. I’m glad the producers aren’t pretending that this was an all-new idea presenting via text by a Hollywood movie-maker. Jeff Probst told us that we would be seeing redemption island again, much to many fans’ chagrin. They then decided last minute to scrap it, and change what they were going to do. This time around on Exile Island, we will see two loved ones dual it out. The winner gets a reward for their tribe, the loser is sent to Exile.

Probably not going to win

Probably not going to win

The Cast

There is a little bit of stunt casting on this season, which everyone expected. It was pretty much a given that there would be one Amazing race pair out on the island. We figured out early on that it would be the Twinnies, Nadiya and Natalie. They were, well, excitable, on the race which I’m sure will translate to ‘Survivor’ as well. I can’t say I was a huge fan of their relentless arguing, but maybe that won’t be a factor if they’re on separate tribes. We will also see another baseball player on this season. John Rocker is known for being one of the Atlanta Braves’ most proficient closers and a generally obnoxious human being. Rocker has been known as one of the inspirations for the Kenny Powers character in ‘East Bound and Down’. I don’t think he is long for this game.

Other notable cast members include dating broadway stars, a bunch

Disclaimer; not the real Rocker

Disclaimer; not the real Rocker

of firefighters, a beauty queen, and a football player. A team I am looking forward to seeing is Missy and Baylor, a mother-daughter team from Dallas. They both seem spunky, fun, and willing to play.

Lofty Predictions

My boyfriend for the season – Drew Christy


First Out – John Rocker

There is no way this guy doesn’t get recognized, and if he doesn’t, I’m sure he will inform his castmates of who he is. That kind of obnoxious never fairs well on ‘Survivor’

See how sweet they look!

See how sweet they look!

Winner – Kelley Wentworth

This was a tough one! Even though she mentions she’s most like Parvati, which is usually a no-no in my book, she seems smart and competitive. She is old enough to have a little more life experience under her belt, but young enough to get along with everyone. Girlfriend is my official winner pick. I will probably regret not watching all the videos to make my pick, but whatevs.

Join along my live-tweeting all season long! Tell me your winner picks!



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