Artisan Tacos & Ice Cream

I’ve been trying hard to do some new things this summer. The Niagara reason is so full of great things to do, see, and eat, but I find myself going back to the same spots over and over again. I’m becoming increasingly obsessed with the idea of food trucks. FOOD. ON TRUCKS. I love that they are able to roam, and you can roam along with them. I love watching the show ‘Eat St’, as I love watching many things on the food network. I saw ‘El Gastronomo Vagabundo‘ on an edition of this show last year, and knew that I had to seek it out at some point.



The thought popped into my mind, and I researched where it would be in the coming weeks. I saw that it would be at the St Catharines night market that week and I just had to go. My friend Andrea and I took one of our last dinner dates to the market before she left for Calgary.


We promptly found the food truck and placed our orders. Andrea got the bacon and cheese quesadilla with corn and peach salad. I went for the fish tacos, obviously.



Andrea said she wished there was a little more flavour to the quesadillas, but she was a big fan of the salad. I looooved my tacos. I thought there was just the right amount of heat, and I loved the sweet element the pineapples brought. I had never had fish tacos where the fish was battered, and I really enjoyed it. It added an extra crunch to them alongside the slaw.


After dinner, we couldn’t pass up a chance for dessert, and luckily Hometown Ice Cream was waiting for us. We both tried samples of lime and sour cream, candied bacon, and strawberry balsamic before landing on our desired flavours. I landed on the lime and sour cream, whereas Andrea went for the salty and sweet confection of candied bacon. The lime and sour cream was the perfect ice cream after spicy tacos. It was refreshing and smooth, and I’m definitely going to have to search out this place.






We wandered around the market a little bit more, and I bought some flowers (which the cat promptly began trying to eat as soon as I got back to my house) before heading home. Tonight (August 26th) is the last night of Tuesday markets for the summer, so head on there if you can. If you can’t fit it in your schedule, visit their websites to see where they’re going to be in the coming weeks.








I’m sad to say good-bye to Andrea for now, but it gives me an excuse to visit Calgary!



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