Beauty Box 5 – July 2014

You might think I’m supes delayed writing about the July BB5 box, but I’m not. I only got it the other day. Here’s the thing, there was a mix up at the warehouse and I got sent a July box. I got an email saying I would be receiving the August box as well, and I could keep this one free of charge. This means you all get an extra blog post free of charge too.

Here’s what I got in this box;




DSC00088Revlon Bold Laquer Mascara claims that I will finally find a mascara I love. Well, I kind of dig the one I use now. I’m not a fan of bristle brushes, I prefer the newer style. I will try this mascara and see how I find it. It’s always nice to have an extra mascara kicking around, and it’s always great to get a full-sized product in a subscription box.


Fun fact about me; my hair is pin-straight. I doubt I will have much use for this product?


Now this product I’ll have use for. Since I bleach my hair, it can get a little dry. I love these masks to get my hair back to being shiny and soft. This package looks like it can be used at least 4 times.


I like to scrub my face with things, so I’m sure I will enjoy this.


This lip balm is super moisturising, but the scent is a liiiiittle too sweet for me. I’m sure this will end up being one of many chapsticks in the bottom of my purse.


I’m kind of lukewarm on this box. I don’t mind it too much because it ended up being free, buuuut I’m going to cancel my subscription to BB5. But if you want to join, sign up here. If you’re Canadian use the code ‘HALFOFF2CA’ for 50% off your first box, and let me know if you like it!


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