I honestly cannot believe I’ve made it this far.

100 posts is a lot. I thought I would barely be able to keep it up at all. I tend to get excited about projects, and then they fall by the wayside when I got bored or busy, but I’ve managed to keep this blog going. I’ve been able to write thousands of words about the things I love, and sometimes, people read them. Which is a really cool feeling. I’ve somehow managed to write more words about the Bachelor than I probably wrote in my entire final year of university.

I started this blog in my final year of university for a project. The idea was to make an online resume/portfolio. Soon after that semester, I kind of forgot about this website. While writing for other sites, I found it difficult to continue writing about one subject. I had a lot of interests that didn’t necessarily fit together, but I wanted to write about the things I liked anyway. I came back to this page and rejigged it to fit my current needs. But that’s how my blog ended up being more or less a mishmash of different subjects. it may not be cohesive, but it keeps me from getting bored about one subject, and I never feel limited to only writing about one particular subset of my interests. Not everything I write about appeals to everyone, but they appeal to me AND THAT’S WHAT MATTERS, YOU GUYS.

I had a professor tell me that to become a better writer, it is necessary to read and write as much as possible. Which is really simple advice, but it’s what has really helped me get this blog to where I wanted it to be. Making an effort to write something at least once a week has definitely made me a better writer. More importantly, reading things I enjoy – books/articles/blogs/etc. has helped me find my voice.

It’s been a lot of fun thus far, and I’m looking forward to continuing on. Here’s to 100, and hopefully many, many more!


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