Chanchito’s Food Bus

I seriously love Mexican food so much. If you follow me on twitter, instagram, or if you’re an avid reader of this blog, you probably already know that. I’m always on the look out for a new place to get my fill on tacos. As a resident of southern Ontario, these places are not in abundance. There is a taco place I frequent, but I’m always willing to try somewhere new. I’ve been passing by Chanchito’s Food Bus in Welland for months now, meaning to stop by but always forgetting.

That all changed today.


Heading home a little hungry, I thought it was finally time to stop at the converted school bus for lunch. I got my go-to, pulled pork tacos, and bumped it up to a combo to get some chips and a drink as well. This was a really great deal. Three tacos, a pop, and some homemade nachos for $10 is unbeatable (especially considering my usual place is $10 just for the three tacos).





The food was great too, full of flavour, and the chips were covered in cheese and crema fresca. It was enough food for me to take home for later. They also feature a few sandwiches and fries if Mexican food isn’t up your alley.


The restaurant/bus is open Monday-Saturday 11-6, and all of the prices are super reasonable. I was super impressed with the food and will definitely be back, mainly to try the guacamole.


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