Bachelor in Paradise – Everything’s Crazier in Mexico

I have been really looking forward to Bachelor in Paradise since we heard about it, and the premiere certainly did not disappoint. Instead of doing recaps this season, I think I’m going to reformat my blogs a little bit hitting on the important ‘headlines’ of the episode, because I have a hard time caring about the mundane parts of the episodes. Let me know if you like/dislike the change. HERE WE GOOOO.

The Format

Going into the show, I and many others were pretty confused about how this was going to work. So here’s the scoop in case you knocked back a little more rosé than you intended; so there will always be an uneven ratio of males and females. Each week, the men and women will take turns handing out roses. If you’re left without a rose, you have to leave ‘paradise’. There will be former contestants in and out also trying to make connections and trying to displace others. I don’t really know how this show is going to finish out though? Probably in a blaze of glory and STDs.

10 minutes in and already terrifying the people of Mexico

10 minutes in and already terrifying the people of Mexico

The Cast, So Far

So we see Chris Harrison in a suit made for Easter Sunday ready to greet the folks who will start off in the cabana.

Ashlee – who has been insane since the moment she got on the resort

Ben – a super villain in his original season, but bland as crackers in the premiere

Clare – She was definitely a casting lock, and she came off pretty likable in the first episode of the series

Marquel – You all KNOW how excited I was to see him in the cast

Elise – I called her casting in my original BiP post, her dress last night was a complete disaster, not unlike her in general

Dylan – I wasn’t really sure why he was cast, but I’m fine with it. I have a crush on him OKAY?!

Danielle – who?

Graham – I vaguely remember him from Bachelor Pad, but I already like him a lot. I think he’s meant to be the ‘normal’ guy in the cast

Lacey – It’s clear to see why she was cast. Especially in that bikini.

Robert – He seriously looks like a Hemsworth, but otherwise forgettable

Michelle k – I didn’t recognize her, but she is a legit lunatic

Michelle Money – She has history with Graham, so that should be interesting. She is a cool, smart, self-aware girl, which we need a little of on this show

Sarah – BIG FAN RIGHT HERE. Easily my favourite person in this cast

'I already can't deal with Ashlee anymore'

‘I already can’t deal with Ashlee anymore’

Love At First Sight (and Before)

There were a shocking number of L-bombs dropped last night. Marcus, AshLee, and Elise were already talking about forever with some of their fellow castmates. Calm down, you guys. Elise had mentioned that she was already falling in love with Dylan. I just can’t with you, Elise. Marcus proves yet again that he falls hard and fast, and has feelings for Lacy. AshLee has been in love with Graham since before even arriving in Mexico, just based solely on his twitter account. Okay then…


Michelle Money was the first extra guest to come into the house, striking fear into the hearts of the other women. With her arrival, it means that two ladies will be heading home. She arrives to the compound with a date card in hand. After hanging out with old pal (and Ashlee stalkee), Graham, she chooses Marquel for her date. Great choice, girl.

Oh, the Insanity

There is already an absurd amount of crazy going on in this show. There’s the whole situation with Ashlee and Graham where she has already staked her claim on him, and freaks out on Clare for asking Graham on a date and doesn’t get why Graham isn’t faithful to her. In a brilliant piece of editing, Clare appears to have a heart-to-heart with a racoon. Michelle is just a weirdo, Elise has the idea to wear that horrendous dress, and it is pretty insane that Lacy doesn’t know how to add to 100.



The Rose Ceremony

The men will be handing out the roses this week, before they can do that, Michelle K interrupts and says she’s leaving. K bye. There is a little drama in Marcus giving his rose to Lacy, when that was also Robert’s plan. He ends up giving it to Clare, and Ben gives his to Sarah. This sends Daniella packing.

Next Week

Chris is back! This time he’s invited!

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