The Bachelorette – Every (final) Rose Has Its Thorns

andi - the blindsideWhat an episode, and what a season. I, like Nick, was blindsided by Andi’s choice.

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about the ‘meeting the family’ or the ‘final’ date, because those are boring as F, and the whole time I was waiting for them to end so I could see someone get crushed.

Nick is first to meet Andi’s family, and he was super nervous about it. Andi looked fantastic in a flawless (250$) red maxi dress. Nick makes Andi’s mom cry because he says nice things, Andi’s dad says he gives his blessing. Josh then meets the fam wearing a very similar outfit to the one Hy is wearing, which probably scored him some points. He also gets permission to propose.

In the final date, Nick and Andi spent some time frolicking along the beach or something, I don’t know I wasn’t paying attention too hard. It came to the gift-giving time in our episode, and I thought both guys did a pretty bang up job. Nick gave Andi a necklace with sand from the Domincan beach they frolicked on. At the end of the date, Nick was nervous and Andi said everything was going to be alright. (spoiler alert; it wasn’t). Josh and Andi also did some frolicking. There was a boat involved. Josh gave Andi a personalized baseball card, because did you know he’s a baseball player. All kidding aside, I thought this was super cute.

We come to the morning of the engagement, the infamous Neil Lane comes to Josh’s door, and he picks out a nice, albeit safe, engagement ring that he hopes to give to Andi later that day. Nick opens his door expecting a visit from the aforementioned Lane, and it’s a surprise guest. Andi is at the door. Nick is confused, and understandably shaken by Andi’s visit.

She says she woke up that morning with the feeling that something wasn’t right with their relationship. She told him that she wouldn’t be choosing him, and that she was sorry, but she didn’t want to have a lifetime of over-analyzing. ooOOoOokay Andi. He left extremely dejected and confused about what had just happened. It’s also extremely interesting how so many of the women in the last few seasons have ended it with the runner-up before the platform, whereas the guys tend to do their breaking up when their women are expecting a ring.

We then see the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Josh tells Andi how much he loves her, and finally Andi reveals her feelings for Josh and that she’s chosen him. Josh gets down on one knee and proposes. This was a very sweet moment, and it might not be the result I was hoping for, it is great to see the two of them so happy.

We then go on to watch one of the strangest hours of television I’ve ever seen.

Chris Harrison teased earlier in the episode that one of the men was bitter and trying to talk to Andi since the show ended but has been unsuccessful. We find out that it was Nick, and that he made an effort to get some closure. Andi comes out on stage and they have a very cold interaction. Nick wanted some answers, Andi’s reasoning was that she was never in love with him (I call revisionist history on this one). The Nick said something that has had Bachelor Nation abuzz ever since.

While I think his comment should have been reserved for a private conversation, I don’t think he intended to be malicious or ‘slut-shamey’. I also think Andi had the right to sleep with whomever she chooses. I think Nick did have a point though, if she knew how he felt and didn’t return the feelings, then why would she go through with it. I think it’s because she genuinely did have feelings for him, and is saying now that she didn’t because her relationship with Josh has probably grown so much since finishing the show that she can’t imagine a time where she had feelings for Nick. How’s that for a run-on sentence.

Whether or not Nick gets the answers he needs, the conversation ends. We see another preview for Bachelor in Paradise which I am SO excited about. Then, Josh is able to join his fiancée in public for the first time. It was wonderful to see how much they loved each other, and I wish them all the happiness in the world. And then Grumpy Cat came out. I can’t make this stuff up.

It was a season with its ups and downs, and probably one of the most compelling seasons of the bachelorette we’ve seen in a while. Thanks for reading along all season long. I will be back next week writing and podcasting about Bachelor in Paradise. Until then, follow me on twitter, and check out this week’s podcast. If you’re looking for a little more of me, I talked about the Amazing Race Canada this week with RHAP mainstay Jessica Liese, so listen to that too if you’re so inclined.

andi - finale




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