The Bachelorette – Men Tell Little

The Men/Women tell all is always the episode of the season I am most looking forward to, but it never quite lives up to my standards. Maybe I should know by now that they always hype it up to be waaay better than it actually is. There is always a bunch of pointless filler and little of the drama we know and love. This season was no exception. The true highlight of this episode was obviously the Bachelor in Paradise promos. Anyway, let’s get to what DID happen in the show.

  1. So many scarves, so little time

    So many scarves, so little time

    The Sonogram – I hated this segment. So much. I’ll preface with this; pregnancy freaks me out. I know it’s like, the greatest miracle plebeians can experience, but still. I didn’t see Ashley’s season, so maybe those who have feel more of a connection to this segment than I did. Regardless, it felt a little intrusive, and I felt majorly #UNCOMFY. Both JP and Ashley looked amazing though.

  2. Bachelor in Paradise Promo – YESSSS. Okay, due to living in Canada, I haven’t seen one promo for this show yet, so when I finally did, it was amazing. So much drama, so much loving, so many people I don’t remember. It was great to finally get some clarity on what the format is like. Anyway, this show should be great.
  3. 'it's okay that I got my heart broken on national tv, because it lead me to making out with a bunch of babes in Mexico'

    ‘it’s okay that I got my heart broken on national tv, because it lead me to making out with a bunch of babes in Mexico’

    Racist debate – Andrew says he didn’t say what we think he said. He also calls Marquel ‘Ron’. Awkward. Also awkward; a few of the guys getting snappy with JJ. That was unexpected. Marquel’s cookie brooch was totes adorbs.

  4. Talking with the guys – We talk to a few of the guys, and then have one-on-one conversations with Marquel and Chris, clearly setting them up to be the star of BiP and the next Bachelor, respectively. Then the Chrises get ‘interrupted’ by an audience member who wants to get to know Chris.
  5. The speed date – with the aforementioned random audience member. It looked like they had a good time? Chris conveniently had some post-it notes to write the girl’s number on. Also, as IF someone has so little dignity that they’d go to the men tell all by themselves. Also, I want a ticket to this thing one season. Someone hook me up.
  6. Dylan looking foxy –Seriously, though. Buddy is growing on me. I’m looking forward to seeing him get his heart broken in paradise so I can console him. Dylan, if you’re reading this, hit up my ‘contact me’ page and tweet me or something.
  7. Damn, girl

    Damn, girl

    Talking to Andi – We bring out the gal of the season who looked smokin’ hot. Amazing dress, amazing hair, etc. We address the pregnancy rumours, and Andi admits she has not been knocked up, and is presumably is as grossed out about the sonogram machine being there as I am. This is actually super tame, all the guys clearly respect Andi, and there are some forced ‘why not me’ questions that no one cares about, including the guys who are asking them. Chris also brings up the lie detector test, and definitely throws Marcus under the bus, and rudely asks what his kill number is. Come on Harrison, that’s private.

  8. Bloopers – Always my favourite part. I need this segment to be like 10 minutes, you hear that producers?
  9. Promo for next week & ominous ending – We see what is coming up next week on the finale when we finally learn who Andi has chosen as her future ex-fiancé. Chris brings Andi a note that was written by one of her final two, how ominous.

This was an extremely civil edition of the Men Tell All. It left me, as always wanting more. Hopefully next week’s episode will bring the drama I need. Follow me on twitter for all your Bachelorette live-tweets, and check out this week’s podcast!


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