Baltimore – The Waterfront

This was not my first time in Baltimore. 7 or so years ago, my Brother’s university baseball team had a few games scheduled at another school in the city. Since it coincided with my March break, we decided to make it a family expedition. This proved to be a mistake, as a huge snowstorm hit the northeast. A drive that should have taken us 8 hours, took us 12. Needless to say, no baseball was seen that weekend. Barely any of Baltimore was seen that weekend. We did, however, manage to travel into the city on a mildish day for dinner.

I remember the waterfront vividly from this trip, so I was eager to revisit it in much nicer weather.


I didn’t have a whole lot of time to explore. My parents found a nice, shaded bench to hang out on while I meandered around taking photos. If you had a whole afternoon, it would be great to mill in and out of the museums, shops, and restaurants. I, however, was a slave to the clock in the parking garage.




The waterfront area reminded me a lot of Halifax, which y’all know I love, and it made me a little nostalgic for my adopted hometown. On a beautiful Friday afternoon, it was no surprise that there were a ton of tourists around, but it wasn’t overcrowded by any means.




There were a number of features that made the Baltimore waterfront unique; the dragon peddleboats, water taxis, and a Hooters restaurant on top of a Bubba Gump restaurant.





I found a souvenir shop to pick up a few postcards for my collection, and headed back to find my parents. This area deserves more than 45 minutes of your time, but that was all I could spare. I enjoyed my short time nonetheless.



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