Baltimore – A Visit to Birdland

For the second leg of our journey, we headed to Baltimore with Orioles tickets in our hand. After the monsoon debacle we had endured a few nights prior that caused our game in DC to get cancelled, we were a little sensitive and definitely nervous when the skies opened up in the afternoon and it started pouring like the sky had just gone through a bad break-up or something.


After meandering around the city a bit (in the rain), we headed to the baseball game. By this time, thankfully, the rain had subsided for a little while.


I’ve been told that Camden Yards was near the top of  a lot of people’s ‘favourite baseball stadiums’ list, so I was really looking forward to seeing it myself.


There is something so cool about seeing something in real life that you have only seen on your TV for years. I was ecstatic to walk along Eutaw street myself, while my dad was excited about a visit to Boogs’ BBQ.





Dad picked my mom and himself some sandwiches from Boogs’ (where I got Boogs himself to take a selfie with me), they found our seats and I wandered around a little more.






Once I got my desired photos, I meandered back to my seat, but stopping first for a little dinner. I hit up a seafood stand, because I was not leaving the oceanish area without some sort of seafood. I settled on a soft-shell crab sandwich. I’ve seen these bad boys on a number of episodes of ‘Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives’ (please don’t judge me) and I’ve always been curious to try one. Now, it’s not the most budget-friendly dinner option at the park, but yolo or something. Anyway, I enjoyed it at first, but by the end it got to be a bit much. I’m glad I got it, but it won’t be my go-to.



I wandered around the ballpark a bit more in between innings, and the dreaded rain came back again. At least there was no delay.






The Orioles won, which was great for the ballpark atmosphere, but bad for my beloved Blue Jays. It was a great game, and beautiful park. Thanks for having me, Camden Yards!



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