DC – Oyamel

This was a week of trying new things. Mostly by choice, but maybe a little by heavy suggestion.

I met up with my friend Zach for dinner. He knew of my affinity for Mexican food, and used this knowledge frequently to win my weekly snackchat competition, so he introduced me to one of his favourite restaurants in DC, Oyamel.




We ordered a round of margaritas and a round of ceviche. I had never had ceviche before, so I’m glad Zach suggested it, because I don’t know if I would have ever tried it. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I tend to avoid raw fish, but the dish was spicy and refreshing, and I realllllly loved it. I am looking forward to trying it again sometime.



The next round we got a few tacos. They were a little more on the classic side; pulled pork and chorizo. I pretty much love any kind of taco, these were no exception.


For the next ones, I combined my love of BBQ and Mexican food, and I got a brisket and salsa verde taco, whereas Zach went a little out of the box and got a grasshopper taco. Yes, my darlings, you read that right. A taco with grasshoppers. I’m not the most adventurous eater in the world, so I was wary of this taco. I did, however, try a tiny grasshopper. I’ve got to say, not a fan.


For the grand finale, I got a Mahi Mahi taco. This was the crown jewel of my taco collection. It was so good, I still catch myself daydreaming about it. Like right now. This was amazing. If you go to this restaurant, please get it. You will not regret it.


After dinner, I had another new experience. I used Uber! It always kind of made me nervous, because I was always told not to get into strangers’ cars. I was assured by Zach that my body would not end up at the bottom of the Potomoc, because the Uber driver he ordered had a 5-star rating. We watched Big Brother with a few of his friends/roommates, before I headed home in another Uber. If you are in DC and have the opportunity to be driven by Ramon, do it. He is great and has mints in his car.



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