DC – The Game That Wasn’t

Last Fall, my Dad and I planned to go on a road trip to hit up a few ballparks. The time came, and we set off on our journey to knock out 3 stadiums in the Northeast. Our journey started off in Washington DC. Well, Alexandria, Virginia to be more exact, because that’s where our hotel was located. I used hotwire to book our hotels, because I put it off too long and I am cheap. The location was a touch inconvenient, but it wasn’t difficult to get into the city, and Alexandria was really pretty.

We had tickets for our first game that day, and we were excited to get to the ballpark. As soon as we arrived, we were greeted with beautiful, sunny skies….and a message in the jumbotron that the game will be delayed due to an incoming storm. Oh, okay. Seeing as the skies were still beautiful, I did what I do in every new park, I walked around. This proved to be a mistake, but I’ll get to that.



The stadium was nice, but really wasn’t overly special. It was pretty, but there were few defining characteristics. It was really cool that at the right angle, you could see the US Capitol building.



After my walk, everyone was told to get under the concourse because of the impending storm of doom. This proved to be my issue. I tried to get as close as I could to where my seats were so I could find my parents, buuut by that point everyone was milling around the concourse and it looked bleak that I would ever find my parents again.

well, then

well, then



Okay, I’m being dramatic. Neither of my parents had phones, so there was no way to contact them. Luckily, Nats park has free wifi, so at least I was able to live-tweet and snapchat my misadventures.


After wandering around the same area for a solid 90 minutes, I eventually found my parents and we left the stadium because there was no way that game was going to be played due to the monsoon that was taking place directly on top of the field.



Not being able to watch a game probably marred my opinion of the stadium a little bit, but hopefully I will return some day so I can change my mind.



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