I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends

robertson18f-7-webI was definitely no fan of Courtney during Ben’s season of the Bachelor. Sure I’m guilty of tweeting some not so nice things about her on a weekly basis. I was, however, a proponent of her being chosen as the final woman by winemaker Ben Flajnik. My distaste for her has faded in the 2 or so years since her season aired, and as I’m sure you’ve realized, I’m a huge fan of the bachelor franchise. I was more than excited to read her book the moment it was released.

‘I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends’ was definitely near the top of my summer reading list. I finally bit the bullet and downloaded it on my kindle because I’m too lazy to go outside to a real bookstore. I started it at about 10:45am yesterday morning and was finished the book by 3:30 pm. This included a break to put my laundry away, so needless to say it was a page-turner.

It starts out with Courtney describing her mindset when waiting to find out whether or not Ben had chosen her as the ‘winner’ of the season. I thought this was a really interesting place to start, and probably the best way to go about it. She was portrayed on the show as a villain, and we all questions whether or not she was there for the ‘right reasons’. To learn that she really was in love with Ben was endearing, and it lowered my guard and melted my skepticism for the rest of the book.

Courtney divulged her star-studded as well as non-celebrity dating past. She gave us the classic ‘I was an ugly duckling before I turned out hot’ story more popular with ANTM contestants than ones from the Bachelor. She then told us how she came to be on the Bachelor. Reading about this process was very interesting, it’s not something you hear about often.

We then learn about her time on the show, she admits that many things she said were cruel. She intended to be the comedian, when really she just came off as rude, and she regrets that. I enjoyed hearing her take on the situation, really teaching you that you cannot believe everything you see on reality tv, a sentiment that I’m sure most Bachelor fans understand by now. It would be no easy feat to live with a dozen other girls who are all vying for the same guy, and who were clearly cast because they would provide entertainment, so we should cut everyone a little slack.

Courtney fills us in on a few juicy deets, but I’ll let you find those out by yourself. The most jarring section of the book is when we are told about Courtney and Ben’s post-bachelor life, and how hard to was to adjust to being a real life couple while pretending they weren’t. Even after the show was over, it was clear they had some issues that they just could not resolve. In the end, it was clear to see why they did not have their happy ending.

I left the book disliking Ben more than I did before (which I did not know was possible), more respect for Courtney, and a little embarrassed for all the people who had some not-so-flattering things written about them. Regardless, it was a fun read, and I would recommend it to anyone who is a member of bachelor nation, ironically or not. It’s a great way to kill an afternoon, and it will make you rethink ever applying for the show (not that you thought about it anyway).


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