Cincinnati – Another Day, a Few More Jays

We headed back to GABP for the late afternoon game a little early after lunch and a walk along the river front.

I did some more perusing of the stadium, going up to the 5th deck for some bird’s eye views of the stadium. My fear of heights was tested, but the photos I got made it worth it. Sort of.



I was then able to watch the Blue Jays take batting practice. I love seeing the players from opposing teams interacting. I’m all about baseball love instead of baseball hate. Except when it comes to the Yankees, obviously.




This game was a little rougher than the previous night’s. The Blue Jays found themselves in an early deficit that they were unable to come out of. They ended up getting pummelled 11-1.





For dinner at the ball park, I settled on a pulled pork sandwich after searching the ballpark for the chicken and waffles that I heard was available. I should have done a little more research beforehand, so that’s my bad. I was also excited to see that they had cherry coke at the park, one of my favs that’s not available in my homeland.


The game may have not turned out how I would like, but I sat near some very friendly Reds fans who weren’t too hard on my about my allegiance to the Jays, and we bonded over our love of Joey Votto. The game wasn’t a total loss, I did end up with a Ken Griffey Jr. bobblehead.


I was super impressed with GABP. It was a beautiful park with striking views of the Ohio river. Everyone was super friendly, and there was a lot of choice when it came to food. One of my favourite aspects of the park was the social area, where you could access free wifi and charge your cellphones. I had seen something similar at US Cellular Field, but I loved being able to send snapchats from the game to my friends.


I had a great time at GABP, and maybe I’ll be back one day!


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