The Bachelorette – Where Art Thou, Cody-o

We say au revoir to France and ciao to Italy with the remaining 8 guys. Andi meets the guys at the dock and she says she is there to surprise one of them with a 1-on-1 date. Everyone expect Cody to get the date, as he hasn’t had one yet, but it instead, goes to Nick. Some of the guys are not impressed because Nick has already had a date, but mostly they’re just jealous they didn’t get the date.

in case you wanted to know what Neville Longbottom looks like in a tux

in case you wanted to know what Neville Longbottom looks like in a tux

Andi doesn’t care if the guys think it’s fair because this is her show, y’all. She said she needed the date with Nick to address the issues they had last week. They hop on a gondola so she can trap Nick into having the conversation. There was no force needed, Nick brought it up willingly. He said that this situation is still uncomfortable for him. I think the situation he is referring to is being on a boat for 4 hours after drinking a lot of Italian wine. They go to dinner and they talk about the issue more, Andi is satisfied with Nick’s responses, and he gets a rose. Andi adoooores Nick, and I’m in the same gondola as her.

how can someone so boring harbour so many secrets?

how can someone so boring harbour so many secrets?

The group date is an interesting one, Andi says the guys are going to take lie detector tests. Most of the guys think this is funny, whereas Josh is pissssed. He’s worried that Andi might find out that he stole his fugly scarf from her suitcase. The truth comes out that Chris is the secret admirer, and the Dylan doesn’t wash his hands. Ew. Dylan says he doesn’t feel well, and goes home. Andi decides whether or not she should read the results of the test. She makes a dumb move and rips up the envelope.

that is how I feel about your scarf as well, Josh

that is how I feel about your scarf as well, Josh

Josh reveals his displeasure with the date because he wants to know that Andi trusts him. She says she does, it was just a fun date, andJosh gets even saltier. Chris lets Andi know he is the secret admirer, and therefore a pinky ring-wearer as we saw in the totally legit letter-writing flashback. Marcus says that he was thinking of leaving, but he is totes in love with her. Not going to lie, I can’t remember who go the group date rose, but JJ was pissed that everyone was happy about it.

'would showing MORE cleavage save me?!'

‘would showing MORE cleavage save me?!’

The second 1-on-1 date ended up going to Cody. They head to Verona and check out Juliette’s balcony, and further perpetuate the lie that Romeo and Juliette is a super romantic story. IT’S NOT. IT’S DEPRESSING. IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME, READ COLES NOTES. They then respond to letters written to Juliette, which endears Cody to Andi. At dinner, Andi realizes that it’s time for her to send Cody home after a speech about how much he likes her. I’m glad we got at least ONE guy being sent home during a 1-on-1 because I’m cruel.

At the cocktail party, Nick takes Andi away first, even though he already has a rose, which reeeally pisses off the other guys. I get why they’re upset, but Nick is right, it’s about Andi’s feelings, not these other rando guys. Josh says that HE wanted to take her away first. WELL, THEN DO IT AND STOP WHINING FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. I thought Dylan was definitely a goner, but instead it was our beloved pantsaprenuer who was sent home.

Next week; Belgian chocolates, and dramaaaa!

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