Julep Box – June

I love subscription boxes. I’ve written about them a number of times. The day I decided to cancel my Ipsy subscription was heartbreaking. Realistically, it was costing me too much money (but it’s actually a pretty sweet deal and you should totally sign up). Anyway, I’ve more or less been avoiding subscription boxes for the last few months. In September, a friend introduced me to Julep. With her recommendation code, I was able to get the first box for free. I was down with that, but cancelled every month after that. The price was a little much for me, and I didn’t feel like the product was worth the price. Plus there always seemed to be 1/3 products that I wasn’t feeling.

Now, Julep doesn’t make it simple to cancel, you must call a hotline and actually talk to a person. As a member of my generation, I did not want to call someone to cancel. I was pretty good at opting out of the box, until this month that is. I totally forgot until I got the shipping confirmation email. I didn’t even get a chance to select the box I wanted, so it was truly going to be a surprise when I got it.










My verdict on this month is that it could have been worse, but it could have been better. I got Pixie Stix which was cool, but I don’t really know how they tied into the theme this month? I didn’t read the inserts yet, but it could be explained on there. I’m not really feeling the beigey colour, especially since I’m not super into shimmer polishes. I prefer a solid colour, or glitter. The purpley colour is okay too, it will definitely be useful and has potential to be popular with my friends. The true star of the box is the blue glitter polish. I looooooooove this one, and I’m going to use it asap. I’m headed to Cincinnati this weekend to see my beloved Blue Jays take on the Reds, and this is the perfect polish to represent my team.

So, I guess I should call and cancel Julep, because I don’t want to be making this 20$ mistake every month.


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