Goodbye, ‘Harry’, We Hardly Knew You

Probably because it wasn’t even Harry.

Some random ginger

Some random ginger

News broke today that FOX was cancelling their hit thought-provoking show, ‘I Wanna Marry Harry’, ironically, just as I was catching up with this week’s episode. I mean, let’s get real, no one is surprised here. The show has been the bud of jokes on every daytime and late-night show (I just assume, I haven’t actually heard anything) for its shallow premise and reliance on a bunch of Americans being ignorant idiots for our entertainment.

In this latest episode, we finally caught a glimpse of a girl being wary of our suitor, Matt, actually being Harry, she was promptly sent home because of ‘a lack of chemistry’. In the preview for what would have been next week’s episode, we are shown that Kingsley tells the girls that they ARE in fact dating Prince Harry. Alas, ‘Harry’ met its untimely demise. Thankfully for my American brethren, the episodes will still be released on the FOX website, as well as OnDemand. This doesn’t help me out, but whatever. I’m still trying to convince FOX to send me DVDs of the show, to no avail of course.

A lot of people were very hard on this show, and it really had no potential from the get-go, but hear me out;

5 Reasons Why ‘I Wanna Marry Harry’ shouldn’t have been cancelled

1. Selfish Reasons –I have issues relating to closure. I crave it. I hate season finales knowing that I won’t know where the story is going for at least 4 months. Even worse are shows that are cancelled, with only an unfulfilling, unintentional series finale where I am left to fill in the remaining plot holes. So, I really wanted to see the end of this series. Who would he pick? Would they accept him for him? WHAT WILL MEGAN DO NEXT?! Which leads to my next point.

Get this girl on other shows

Get this girl on other shows

2. Megan – This girl is casting gold. She is smart, snarky, and has just enough self-confidence to tell everyone that she is better than them aka the perfect candidate for a reality show. It would be a shame to waste her on a show that only lasts 4 episodes. I need more!

3. You yourself will always be skeptical of ‘Prince Harry’ – You now know better and hopefully will never make the mistake of thinking some rando British Ginger is the brother of the heir to the Crown. But also, you’re not really sure what Prince Harry looks like anymore. Thanks, FOX.

Hanging out in this castle is worth the weeks of humiliation on national television.

Hanging out in this castle is worth the weeks of humiliation on national television.

4. Travel Porn – The setting is seriously beautiful. The show is shot on the grounds of a castle in the English countryside. Throw in some obligatory helicopter shots, and you’ve got yourself a bad case of wanderlust.

5. Confidence Boost – You tell yourself that you’d never fall for this rouse (even though you probably would).

So, I bid adieu to ‘I Wanna Marry Harry’. So FOX, if you could send me those DVDs or at least let a sister in on some spoilers, I would appreciate it.


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