Summer Style

It’s just a few more weeks until summer is officially here, but the watch tan I am currently sporting says it’s already upon us. I will spare you a visual of the watch tan, because it creeps people out. I’m a fan of it though. But this post isn’t about my watch tan, it’s about summer clothing! Here are a few things I’ve picked up to prepare for the summer.

summer styles


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1. I ordered this little number from Asos the other day. The store may be British, but they offer free world-wide shipping. They were having a dress sale, so I got this dress for a pretty sweet price. You can never have too many LBDs (is what I tell myself to feel better about my life choices)

2. This maxi dress was also a part of my late-night Asos order. I love love loooove maxi dresses, seriously, nothing makes me feel better. I doubted them for a looong time until my friend Andrea got me on the maxi bandwagon. I bought one last year and fell in love immediately, so I’m always on the search for a new one. Since I’m not the most statuesque gal, I can’t carry patterns on that much fabric, it overwhelms me. So this plain blue dress is perfect. Before you say that there is too much fabric in a maxi for the summer, let me tell you that maxis are perrrrrfect for the summer because they are so breezy and comfortable. You look dressed up with minimal effort.

3. I got this casual tank top at American Eagle, but in hot pink. It’s cotton, which is great for summer. It makes a great beach cover-up, or would look cute with a skirt for going out. It comes in a couple other colours as well, so you might as well pick up 3 or 4 different ones, amiright?

4. I picked a similar sleeveless shirt at the American Eagle store in the new outlet mall in Niagara before my trip to Halifax. Mine is a silky fabric, and the colour is more salmony than this one. I love this shirt because it’s casual and comfy, but can easily be paired with a blazer for a more polished look.

5. I also got these shorts in black at the new outlet mall, but at the J.Crew store. I always tell myself that I will shop at J.Crew more when I’m a fully-functional adult, which means it’s going to be a while still. I got these shorts under the guise that they are strictly for work, buuuut I love them so much they have become a little more multi-purpose.

I’m sure these will not be the end of my purchases for this summer, but they’re a start! YAY FOR SUMMER.





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