The Bachelorette; Doubling Down

This week on Chris Harrison’s fairytale wonderland, we get twice the fun, twice the drama, twice the boring dates, and twice the awkward convos. That’s right my friends! This week we were subjected to FOUR whole hours of the Bachelorette! I was not able to watch either episode live, as sometimes I must subject myself to the whims of my real life aka work, but that won’t stop be from blogging about it!

'I've made a huge mistake'

‘I’ve made a huge mistake’

Chris Harrison informs the fellas that Andi is not in LA this week, she is allll the way in Santa Barbara, and that’s where the dates will take place. The first one-on-one goes to one of Andi’s clear favourites, Neville Longbottom Doppleganger, Nick. They don’t do anything too crazy, just some hiking. You know, plebeian-type dates. Nick is comfortable with this, because he is kind of skeptical about the whole process. Aren’t we all, Nick, Aren’t we all. Andi understands where he is coming from, but she likes him sooooo much and they kiss. Nick obvi gets a rose.

I feel ya, girl.

I feel ya, girl.

For the group date, we meet up with probably down on their luck, Boyz II Men, because why else would they come on the show. They invite all the guys to completely butcher one of their most popular songs. They ‘practice’ with them, and suddenly realize what a big mistake they made. The guys have a sing-off in front of a live audience, featuring a young lady who was clearly not impressed. Bradley believes that his voice alone will carry him on to the next round. Not a chance, future serial killer. After stealing a few kisses, Josh M gets the date rose, even though he can’t carry a tune to save his pro-baseball career. Oh, that’s over? Nevermind.

Oh god, no

Oh god, no

The second one-on-one date goes to one of my favourites, JJ. I was pretty horrified by the date. They had to dress up like old people, and it was creepy as hell. My dad watched like, 5 minutes of this and asked me what a pantsapreneur is. I certainly did not have an answer. After terrorizing the residents of Santa Barbara with their bad accents and even worse acting, the pair moved on to dinner. It’s up for debate whether they actually ate the food, but regardless, JJ got the rose.

The cocktail party was fairly lacklustre, except for a spot of trouble with Andrew. JJ and Josh overheard him say that he got his number from waitress at a restaurant they recently visited. Andrew says that is BS and runs away from them to prove his innocence. Either way, Andrew stayed and it was Brad and kleptomaniac Brett who were sent home.

We move on now to Monday’s episode, which takes place in the great north-eastern state of Connecticut. They stay at, and advertise for, the Mohegan Sun Casino. The first date goes to Dylan, who has been holding back this entire time. They hop on a train ride, and meander around New England, Dylan’s figurative backyard. Andi finally gets Dylan to open up, and he shares the stories of his brother and sister dying due to overdoses. It is super sad, but Andi is glad that he finally got what he needed to say off his chest. He gets the rose. Andi says it isn’t a pity rose, but I don’t know if I believe her.

No need to be so dramatic

No need to be so dramatic

The group date stays at the hotel and visits the WNBA arena within. The boys get schooled by the women before getting in a match of their own. Both teams use very lame names, so I refuse to acknowledge them. Brian really impresses Andi with his skillz on the court. His team ends up winning the game, and gets to have a little more time with Andi. The members of the white team look sad in the locker room, while the red team wastes a lot of champagne over a meaningless activity.

We get a quick convo with Cody that Andi heard he has a girlfriend. He is shocked, and she says LOL JK, and wastes my time. Brian and Andi revisit the court where Brian absolutely naaails a half-court shot, and you can colour me hella impressed. Andi felt the same way, but Brian did not read the signs correctly and chickened out of kissing her.

The second one-on-one date went to the biggest babe in the bunch, Marcus. His face and body are slammin’, but he’s a little monotone and getting prettttty serious about this whole sitch. Andi wants to use this date to face her fears, which sounds like a terrible life choice. They rappel down a building, because what would a bachelor/bachelorette season be without someone jumping off a building. After that, the pair heads to somewhere else in the casino for dinner. Andi digs how into her Marcus is, and I get slightly jealous. My jealousy fades as soon as they move to the next part of the date, where they awkwardly slow dance on a raised stage surrounded by people in front of some unknown country act.


We go to the rose ceremony where Andi has a few conversations with guys we haven’t seen much of, including Tasos and Marquel, before a heated conversation with Eric. In the last episode, Andi brought it up to Eric that she felt their relationship wasn’t going anywhere, and that he needed to open up, and he did so. Eric realized that he needed Andi to open up to him more as well, and brought it up to her. She was understanding of what he was saying until he said she had her poker face on most of the time, but he enjoyed his time with her when she wasn’t acting. She did not like these comments. He was sent home right after the conversation.

Twitter, was of course abuzz with disdain for the way Andi handled the situation. Did I think she overreacted? Yes I do. But do I understand why she got her feelings hurt? Absolutely. I also think Eric had some valid points, but it is probably very difficult trying to develop connections with multiple people in a short period of time. Of course Andi signed up for this, and should have expected the toll it would take, but it doesn’t mean she can’t feel the things many people feel in that type of situation. I do not believe that Eric meant it in the way Andi interpreted it, but it doesn’t mean it can’t still hurt her feelings.

Anyway, after Eric leaves, we meet back up with Chris Harrison who informs us that we will not be seeing the remainder of the cocktail party, nor will we be seeing the rose ceremony. We will instead focus on Eric. But we didn’t really. It was kind of an awkward segment, but who can blame them? It’s a sensitive topic that they clearly were unsure of the right way to approach it. I think it would have been beneficial to at least mention Eric’s foundation, and what it does. Either way, it was a sad ending.

Chris also reveals that Tasos was also sent home that night, so goodbye spacers, we hardly knew ye. It appears there will not be a new episode next week, but Amy and I will be podcasting with a special guest to recap the season so far. Make sure to check out this week’s podcast, and follow me on twitter for the Bachelorette live-tweets!


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