The Halifax Chronicles – Dinner and a Party

After a gorgeous day in the Valley on our wine tour, we were really in need of a nice, hearty dinner. We cleaned ourselves up and headed to  Cellar for dinner and to meet up with the rest of the wedding party. Cellar hadn’t opened yet when I left last year, so I was excited to try something new, especially since Kristin and Mike were big fans.




A great thing about Halifax is that there are a ton of local restaurants that you won’t find anywhere else. New ones are opening all the time and you can always find something to suit your culinary desires. Cellar is well known for their wines, and after a day in the vineyards, I wasn’t feeling like wine at dinner, but it didn’t stop be from photographing it.


For dinner I had the prosciutto, blue cheese, and pear pizza. It was pretty good, but I would have liked a little more sweetness to balance out all the salt. It didn’t stop me from snacking on the leftovers later on in the evening.





After dinner, the girls headed to the Lord Nelson for the Bachelorette party. Since my friends and I would like to have jobs in the future, I will refrain from posting most of the photos from that night. Just believe me when I say it was a great night, and it was a lot of fun to celebrate with wonderful friends.






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