Seeking Closure – The feelings you feel after a show you like gets cancelled

I’m writing this shortly after finishing the series finales of two programs I have come to love sometime after midnight, so please excuse, or preferably, embrace the rambles.

I know you shouldn’t get too attached to a TV show. It could be gone at any moment. It’s easier said than done. Part of watching a show is getting wrapped up in the characters and their stories, it’s hard to see them go without getting any closure on their stories.

Like the end of any TV season, early May is the time when you learn whether or not your favourite shows made the cut and will continue to live on in September. It was announced that after a time-hopping season finale, Parks and Recreation’s 7th season will be their last. This is fine. I’m okay with this (not that any major network exec cares about my opinion). Knowing that this is the final season of the show will give the writers the time to tie up any loose ends, and give the audience what we hope will be a satisfying ending. It will give us time to say goodbye to our beloved characters. Although How I Met Your Mother’s season finale was not what most would call satisfying, at least we got closure.

I know not everyone is obsessed with having a clear picture of the future as I am, but shows suddenly ending leaves me with an empty feeling. It was announced earlier this month that a number of shows were getting the axe. The ones I watched were Community, Suburgatory, and Trophy Wife, and I have different feelings about each one ending as well as what was their series finale (for now).


Breaking News! We're outta here! Peace out Greendale!

Breaking News! We’re outta here! Peace out Greendale!

Community – I was obsessed with this show from the very beginning. Its creativity and ability to weave jokes and storylines throughout each episode was completely unmatched anywhere else in television. It’s first few seasons were some of the best episodes of television on air at that time. The things that made it great were also what made it unapproachable for people who didn’t watch from the very beginning. The ratings were never fantastic, and the show was always on the proverbial ‘bubble’, but it kept coming back season after season. Even when we all thought the show couldn’t continue on after the departure of Dan Harmon for season 4, it pressed on, and Harmon was brought back for season 5. It had lost its charm. There were few episodes in the 5th season that I truly enjoyed, and I’m sure others share that sentiment. There is still a possibility that it will get a new life on another network like Cougartown was able to do, but I think it has lost me. I wasn’t sad when I heard it was cancelled, and I honestly don’t even remember what happened in the finale, but what I think Community always did well was living each season like it was its last. There are a few storylines that could be left open if they were granted a new season, like the Annie-Jeff relationship, but other storylines were closed during this season, including the departure of Troy and Pierce. I wasn’t heartbroken by the cancellation of Community, because I wasn’t emotionally invested in the characters anymore. Goodbye Community, thank you for the memories and elaborate paintball wars.

Dalia is so not impressed with her extremely unsatisfying storylines this season

Dalia is so not impressed with her extremely unsatisfying storylines this season

Suburgatory – My Dad introduced me to this one after its first season, and I caught up on it during the summer. I loved it. The characters were not overly different from what I had seen on other shows, but they each had a refreshing twist, and the numerous former SNL cast members were also a bonus. This show was too, on the bubble, but it was awarded a second season. The second season was also a strong showing with great character development. I don’t know what happened in the third season, but it completely lost it, whatever ‘it’ is, for me. The plot was disjointed and just too outlandish. The Lisa and Malik marriage storyline was just so odd and had a very short episode arc. Dalia showed absolutely no development, and the season as a whole just was not enjoyable. It was no surprise when Suburgatory got cut. This finale left me with a deep desire for closure. So deep that I asked a friend to write an ending for it, because this finale made it clear that Suburgatory thought it would be getting another season. As happy as I am Ryan and Tessa are finding their way to each other again, the way they went about it was very odd. It’s probably not kosher, or legal, for one teen and one barely-adult to strip in the middle of a neighbourhood street in the middle of the day while cars are forced to stop around them. I always thought Dallas was a great character, and appreciated her monologue to George about wanting him to fight for her. I really needed more from the ending of Suburgatory. Goodbye Suburgatory, you were fun for a while

It's a travesty Burt will no longer be on television.

It’s a travesty Burt will no longer be on television.

Trophy Wife – This is the show I’m most sad about ending. Its single season didn’t give me enough time to lose interest in the characters or become disillusioned with the storylines like with the other two shows. In fact, it was the opposite with this show. I loved each and every character in this show; all the kids, all the wives, and the patriarch. The show was just outlandish enough to be entertaining, but never crossed into WTF territory. I am really disappointed with this show ending, and wish it would have been given at least one more season. This is the show that did the best with their series finale. It was sweet, funny, and didn’t leave any unsettling plot holes. Goodbye Trophy Wife, you are the show I will miss the most.

I’m sure I will get over it. I will find new shows to love, and life will go on. It’s easy for me to get a little melodramatic over a loss of a TV show that I have grown to love, especially when there is so much left on the table. I could just make up my own ending, but I don’t know these characters like the creators do. So, creators, if you’re reading this, look up my email address on my ‘Contact Me’ page, and let me know where you were going with these stories.

As unsatisfying as some of the endings may have been, I appreciate all these shows have given me, and I thank the creators, writers, actors, and more for sharing their worlds with me.

Now, can someone recommend a few new shows for me to watch this summer?


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