Spring has Sprung…FINALLY

For four long months it has truly felt like winter would never end. The beginning of spring arrived and we were still getting snowstorms here in Southern Ontario. Finally, it seems like the snowy days are behind us, and we can finally emerge from our winter dens. Because apparently we’re bears.

Yesterday, my friends Jessica and I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. We were going to go on a hike, but we figured it might still be a bit too muddy for that. So we instead went to Merritt Park in downtown Welland.

The sun was shining, birds were chirping, and foxes were moseying around. No seriously, we saw a fox. I think it saw me fumbling for my camera to take a picture of it, and it peaced out. How rude.


a non-St. Louis cardinal

a non-St. Louis cardinal


someone left us snacks.

someone left us snacks.

These were described as 'parallel bars'

These were described as ‘parallel bars’


the canal is still a little too cold for swimming

the canal is still a little too cold for swimming

After our walk, we still had some time to kill, and drove down to Niagara Falls. It is still the calm before the storm in the Falls, and there were far fewer tourists than there will be in a few weeks. We took advantage of this fact, and enjoyed the spacious sidewalks and photo opportunities.



worst wax figures ever?

worst wax figures ever?









We had done a lot of walking, and were in desperate need of a snack. Neither of us could pass up the opportunity to have a hot dog.



I’m so glad Spring is finally here, and I hope it’s going to stay this time.


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