Big Brother Canada Drinking Game


Marsha the Moose is so ready for this

I posted this list last year before Big Brother Canada, and I decided it to re-post it with a few updates in honour of tonight’s première. So get your Canadian Club or Molson Canadian ready and play along with the Big Brother Canada Drinking game.

-Drink when someone is wearing plaid

-Drink when someone says ‘eh’

-Drink when 2 people run into each other and they both say ‘sorry’

-Drink when someone mentions Tim Hortons, 2 drinks if they mention their usual order, 3 drinks if they mention how rattled they are that they’re missing ‘roll up the rim’

-finish your drink if any Canadian hockey team is brought up

-finish your drink when someone says `head of hooosehold’

–  drink any time there is a challenge that perpetuates a Canadian stereotypes

– drink when subtitles are required when a Newfoundlander is speaking


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