The Bachelor; Trouble in Paradise

andiWe’re really winding down here. The final 3 woman head to the beautiful St. Lucia for the second last leg of their journey of love. From the previews we’ve all been seeing for the last few weeks, we know that the journey takes a misstep for one of the girls.

The first date is with Clare. I’m not really sure they do on the date. I think they frolic along the beach and in the ocean (dangerous territory for them). Juan Pablo presents the fantasy suite date to Clare. She is unsure of what she wants to do. On one hand, Clare would love the opportunity to spend more time alone with JP, but the wounds caused in Vietnam are still fresh. She doesn’t want Juan Pablo to make her feel about herself on national television. Again. She makes the decision we all knew she would make, and decides to spend the night in the fantasy suite. The next day, both Clare and JP are pleased with how the overnight went. This wasn’t the case with all the women.

Speaking of which, Juan Pablo picks up Andi for their date. They wander the streets of St. Lucia, before stopping at a local place for lunch. They talk with some local children before partaking in a pick-up soccer game. Andi is taken with how charming Juan Pablo is. He happily accepts the invitation for the fantasy suite date, and Andi is looking forward to getting to know Juan Pablo even better.

The next morning, Juan Pablo tells us how much he enjoyed his time with Andi. Andi has a different story to tell. She tells us she wanted to leave as soon as she woke up. She had a horrible time, and her doubts in the relationship were confirmed.

We can’t worry about that right now, because we have to focus on how terrible the pants are that Nikki wore on her date. She and Juan Pablo go horseback riding. Here’s a tip guys, if you go horseback riding in a bikini top, you’re just asking for a nip slip. Nikki has been struggling with telling Juan Pablo that she loves him, even though she knows it. She finally musters the courage to do it, and he rewards Nikki with the fantasy suite date, which she accepts.

Is it just me, or does Chris Harrison seem less than impressed with having to spend time with Juan Pablo? He’s had great rapport and chemistry with past bachelors and bachelorettes, but it just doesn’t seem to be there this season. Anyway, Chris and Juan Pablo meet up, so Chris can pass on some video messages from the girls to Juan Pablo. The messages from Nikki and Clare are warm and heartfelt. The message from Andi just says that they need to speak in person.

Andi finds Juan Pablo before the rose ceremony starts. She asks him if she thinks their overnight date went well. He expresses that it did. She disagrees. She doesn’t think she was treated well during the date. He went on, and on about himself, and didn’t ask a single thing about her. She was upset when he brought up his overnight date with Clare, and thought it was a disrespectful move. He said that he was just being honest. Juan Pablo, there is a difference between honesty, and feeling the need to divulge the details of the previous night’s conquest to the girl you’re currently trying to bed. Andi agrees with this sentiment. JP kept telling her, ‘it’s okay, it’s okay’, which just pissed her off more.

Andi told JP she was leaving, and he didn’t stop her. Why would he need to? He has two other women! Andi made the right choice, if he isn’t fighting for her to stay, he probably wasn’t going to pick her anyway. Although I do genuinely think that Andi finally confirmed her doubts that night that they weren’t meant for each other, I think part of her leaving was to do with knowing she was probably going to be the one to go anyway, and she wanted to save a little face. This whole segment kind of confirms what we’ve been hearing all season that Juan Pablo is a grade-A douche canoe.


Nikki and Clare arrive at the rose ceremony and Chris tells them that Andi is gone, and that Juan Pablo deserves the chance to tell them why. Juan Pablo says that she left because she didn’t want to be there anymore. Sure that’s not completely wrong, but it’s not the whole reason. Well, I guess whoever was chosen knows now thanks to this episode! Both Clare and Nikki assept roses from Juan Pablo, and will continue into the finale.

Next week is the women-tell-all episode, and boy does it look like a good one.

Ees oh-kay

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