The Bachelor; Twisted Sister

the bachelor week 8

We’ve come so far, yet have so far to go. After weeks of putting up with dramatics, language barriers, and a few scandals, we’ve finally reached the hometown dates. To me, this is usually the most boring week of the season (except when Des’ brother is involved). It’s surprising to me that so many of these girls who are actually willing to go on the Bachelor come from stable and supportive families.



We head to Kansas City to visit Nikki in her hometown. She takes Juan Pablo to her favourite BBQ joint, which sounds like a terrible idea when you’re wearing a gorgeous white shirt (which I subsequently bought about 10 minutes later thanks to a hot tip from @possessionista). After knocking back some ribs, Nikki takes JP for a ride on her favourite mechanical bull. Note, this is a different kind of ride than JP got from Clare.

Nikki takes Juan Pablo to her parents’ house where they all sit down and have dinner. Nikki’s dad that says anyone who sits down at their dinner table is family. You know he has 3 more of these, right? Anyway, Nikki’s mom thinks it’s a good idea to take her away IN THE MIDDLE OF DINNER to have a conversation about her relationship. Come on mom, the food is going to get cold while y’all gush about JP’s dimples. Nikki’s mom wants to know how serious the relationship is, Nikki tells her that if Juan Pablo proposed, she would totes say yes. Nikki struggles with telling Juan Pablo that she loves him, and backs out of it right before he leaves.

We go to Atlanta to hang out with Andi and her family. She decides she wants to let Juan Pablo see how much of a badass she really is, and takes him to her local gun range. After this, Andi takes JP home to meet her family. Her mother, sister, and brother-in-law are immediately infatuated with Juan Pablo, but her Father is a different story.

Hy is really the stand-out character of this episode. He is not impressed with Juan Pablo and tells him he doesn’t like the idea of Juan Pablo asking ‘if I were to choose Andi, would you assept me and my daughter into your family’. He wants the man who’s going to be marrying Andi to be sure about it. Juan Pablo does not win any favour from Hy by salsa-dancing with Andi’s mother. HANDS OFF HIS LADY, JP.

Next we meet Renee in Sarasota. Renee and Juan Pablo go and meet up with Renee’s son, Ben, at his little league game. Ben does not seem enthused with JP. Neither are we, kid. Renee likes being able to just hang out with JP and do normal, everyday things with him.

Renee thinks it’s worth it to take time away from her son, if it means that she can build a family for him. Renee’s dad is worried about her, because he has seen her go through some bad, failed relationships and he doesn’t want to see that again. She tells him that JP is different. Renee also wants to tell Juan Pablo that she loves him, but can’t seem to find the words as she watches him leaves, and quickly regrets her inaction.

We go to Sacramento to see Clare for the last hometown of the season (thank God). They meet in a park where Clare’s dad used to take her. She tells him more about her father, and how much she misses him. They throw some rocks in the pond before going to Clare’s house to meet her mom and 5 sisters.

After hearing that Clare has 5 sisters, I understood why she is the way that she is. After meeting her sister Laura, I understand it even more. The rest of Clare’s family was warm and welcoming to Juan Pablo, but Laura was a different story. Clare wanted to speak to her Mother privately, but Laura didn’t want Clare to try and manipulate her. Laura finally backed off….by standing 20 feet away and saying to have the conversation. The whole thing made for one of the most awkward moments in the Bachelor history. Juan Pablo wanted a chance to talk to Clare’s mom as well, but Laura felt the need to join in on that convo too. Eventually, Laura decided she could trust JP, and left the two of them to talk. They had a lovely heart-to-heart before Juan Pablo left.

The girls headed back to Miami for one of the last rose ceremonies. Nikki got the first rose, Clare got the second, and thanks to some previews for the next episode, we all knew Andi would get the last rose. This left Renee roseless and sad. I think we could all see this coming, because she was way more into him than he was into her. Renee expressed to Juan Pablo that she hasn’t felt about anyone else the same as she feels about Juan Pablo. Ummm, it’s a little too late sister. Renee has one of the most graceful exits I’ve ever seen on this show, which makes me think she is the front-runner to be the next Bachelorette.

We don’t have to wait long to find out what goes array in the fantasy suite, because ABC is subjecting us to 4 hours of the Bachelor in one week. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to handle this.


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