The Rom Com Project – You’ve Got Mail

you've got mailThis is part 1 of an 11 part series to show the whole internet what a sap I am educate myself in all that is Rom Com.

This movie was on TV a couple weeks ago, so I recorded it on the DVR to watch at my convenience. I decided to start with this one because I knew it wouldn’t be too much longer until my Dad started asking me if he could delete it yet, like he tried to do with the Bachelor Wedding.

Like any good rom com set in the USA, we are introduced to our setting in NYC with help from hilarious graphics that remind you that this movie was made in ’98. We meet our protagonist, Kathleen talking to her boyfriend, Frank about what a burden technology is on society and how he doesn’t think it will survive (lol). After he leaves, we see her rush to her computer to check her inbox. She has an email from her online-pen pal. We then are introduced to this pen pal, Joe watching his girlfriend frantically going through her morning routine.

Both Kathleen and Joe like the anonymity of not knowing who the other person is, and enjoy the idea that they may be passing them in the streets without even knowing (WHICH THEY DO). Kathleen owns a small, children’s book store left to her by her mother, whereas Joe’s family owns a large, discount book company with the intent to shut down all the small stores in the area.

Kathleen and Joe first meet when Joe takes a few of his young family members out for the day, and they stop into Kathleen’s shop. Kathleen starts in on the new Fox books opening around the corner, and Joe makes an effort to make sure Kathleen doesn’t realize it’s his family’s company. They meet again at a party, and Kathleen finds out who Joe really is.

Both parties are unhappy in their current relationship. Kathleen feels that her and Frank are going in different directions, and Joe feels like he and his girlfriend, Patricia do not want the same things in life. They both express this to their online pen pals. They decide, after a long time of avoiding it, to meet in person.

Joe and Kathleen keep running into each other all over the neighbourhood. Their relationship becomes more tumultuous as Kathleen’s business is failing. She makes an effort to improve publicity for her shop by doing news pieces about the benefits of local businesses, but to no avail.

On the night of the pen pal date, Joe arrives at the café after Kathleen, and he sends his friend to get his first impressions of the woman he is about to meet. The friend tells Joe that it is Kathleen. We see Joe leave, but then he enters the restaurant to talk to Kathleen. He does not let on that he is the one she has been writing to the whole time, and leads her to believe she has been stood up.

She feels the embarrassment telling everyone that she didn’t meet her pen pal, and she demands an answer from him. While doing so, she delivers my favourite line of the movie, ‘all these nothings have meant more to me than so many somethings’. He apologizes, and she accepts.

Kathleen realizes that her and Frank aren’t right for each other, and they eventually have a very amicable break-up after both admitting they’re not in love with each other. Kathleen’s store eventually closes, and she feels like she is losing her mother all over again. Not going to lie, I cried a few sad tears during this part, and it made me want to end my relationship with all big business, discount stores (except Target, of course.)

During an incident where Joe, Patricia, and two others are stuck in an elevator, he realizes he no longer wants to be with Patricia. They break it off, and he moves into his boat with his dog. They both discuss their break-ups via email, and Kathleen talks about her store closing.

Kathleen is very angry with Joe, because his store is the reason hers’ closes. He understands the anger, but wants to be able to be friends with her. He brings her daisies, her favourite flowers, while she is sick, and they decide to form a friendship. He helps her field her relationship with her pen pal, and she takes his advice.

Kathleen then begins her career as an author of children’s stories, and things start to look up for her. Joe is still struggling with telling Kathleen that he is the one she has been emailing, but is not sure how she will take it. He encourages Kathleen to email her pen pal to meet in person, for real this time. She does just that. He responds with a meeting place, saying he will be with his dog.

Kathleen and Joe meet for lunch the day of the meeting, and when he was dropping her off at home, he admits his feelings for her. Kathleen doesn’t know what to do, and eventually goes into her house in order to get ready for her meeting.

She waits at the park for her dream guy to come along, at first she sees the dog running to her, and then finally, Joe comes into sight. She tells him that she was hoping that it would be him, and they kiss.


Guys, I really, really loved this movie. I was totally wrapped up in it from the very beginning. I took a little issue in believing that Kathleen would be able to afford an apartment that nice in NYC on a shopkeeper’s salary. Especially if that shop is failing, but that is really the only issue I took with this movie.

I seal-clapped, squealed, giggled, and definitely had tears in my eyes during this movie. All of the characters were engaging and fun. My personal favourite was Christina, the college student working part- time in the shop.

Since I watched a TV version of this movie, I wonder what things I missed by not watching the cinematic version. I’ll have to go back sometime and watching a DVD of this movie so I can see a few new parts. It shouldn’t be an issue, because I loved this movie so much, I’m sure I’ll watch it again and again.

‘I tried to have cyber sex once, but I kept getting a busy signal’ – Birdie, You’ve Got Mail


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