Museums, Aquariums, and Concerts, OH MY

For the first time in a while, I actually had a pretty busy week! I forgot how great it was to get out of my basement to go places and do things and hang out with people (even if it wasn’t cheap). I had a really fun week; here are a few of the things I got up to.

The Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto opened up in the fall, my friends and I have been looking forward to checking it out way before then. After some foiled plans, and date re-arranging, we were finally able to go this week. Jessica and I were supposed to go up Wednesday afternoon so we could go shopping and spend the night with our friend Sara, but 20 cms of snow nixed that plan. We were disappointed, but we decided to go up on Thursday and continue our day as planned.

I ended up spending Wednesday afternoon doing some shovelling!

image (9)

Thursday morning we took the train to Toronto bright and early, excited to get our aquarium on. We bought our tickets and headed into the aquarium.

image (7)

The $30 cost may seem a little pricey, but it was worth it! The displays were all so beautiful. My favourites were the jellyfish planet and the ray tank.








After a much needed lunch, we headed to the Royal Ontario Museum. Jessica and I had never been before, but Sara had been numerous times for school.


We wandered around the museum, saving the dinosaur exhibit until near the end. We knew nothing else would be able to top it!



Jessica and I were even able to do some casual excavation.


We found the dinosaurs!

This mastodon was found in my hometown!

This mastodon was found in my hometown!




After the ROM we headed to the Eaton Centre to get a little bit of shopping done. We were already pretty tired from our day, so we didn’t shop too hard. I picked up a Kat Spade journal I had seen last time I was in Toronto that I hadn’t been able to get out of my mind.

image (8)

After a great day we headed back home, knowing we had another fun day ahead of us.

I had to head up to Hamilton earlier than my friends on Friday, but we planned to meet up later at the Limeridge mall. My session was done a little sooner than I had expected, so I headed over to the mall. With some time to kill, and no desire for shopping, I was enthused to see they had an Olympics viewing area in the mall. I grabbed a smoothie, sat down, and hung out watching the opening ceremonies until my friends arrived.

what mall DOESN'T have a hockey rink?

what mall DOESN’T have a hockey rink?

We then headed downtown to find parking before the concert. The line-up for the night was Tyler Farr, Florida-Georgia Line, and Jason Aldean. Country music isn’t usually my go-to genre, but I really enjoy FGL and I knew a few Jason Aldean songs. Plus, country concerts are usually the most fun. So when Jessica brought up the idea a few months ago, I happily joined in.


Tyler Farr was a good opener. I hadn’t heard any of his songs before, but I enjoyed them.


Tyler Farr

I was really excited when FGL came on stage. They had a really fun set; the whole audience was singing and dancing along.



During the break, I was able to meet up with one of my BabesDigBalls/BabesDigStyle gals, Joscelyn. We didn’t even realize each other would be there! (BTW, BabesDigStyle got a facelift, check it out!!)


Jason Aldean put on a great show. I was glad to discover that I knew more of his songs than I thought I did. I had a really good time at the concert!


After a few busy days, and getting my car stuck in some snow (eeek)I was very excited to get to bed!

It’s going to take a while to recoup after this week, I might have to not leave my basement for a few more weeks.




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