Snapchat Fanfic

I had never thought about using snapchat’s story feature to actually tell a story. I recently came across this post on pinterest, and it inspired me to do so. So here is my story!

IMG_2429  IMG_2430  IMG_2431  IMG_2432

IMG_2433  IMG_2434  IMG_2435  IMG_2436

IMG_2437  IMG_2438  IMG_2439  IMG_2440

IMG_2477  IMG_2441  IMG_2442  IMG_2444

IMG_2445  IMG_2446  IMG_2447  IMG_2448

IMG_2449  IMG_2450  IMG_2451  IMG_2452

IMG_2453  IMG_2454  IMG_2455  IMG_2456

IMG_2457  IMG_2458  IMG_2459  IMG_2460

IMG_2461  IMG_2462  IMG_2463  IMG_2464

IMG_2465  IMG_2466  IMG_2467  IMG_2472

IMG_2468  IMG_2469  IMG_2470


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