Raptors and Rapport

For Christmas, my brother got us tickets to a Toronto Raptors game. I was super excited about the tickets, and in shock that he was willing to spend a whole day with me.

I was so excited about going to the game, that the night before I had a dream that I woke up too late and missed the game, and was soooo happy that when I woke up it was still dark outside. I had to drive to my brother’s place in Hamilton. Unfortunately for me, it was a snowy day in Southern Ontario and the roads were a little bit brutal. Thankfully, I made it in one piece, and we headed off to Toronto.

When we got there, we were both pretty hungry. We had discussed going to a restaurant called Real Sports for lunch before the day, so we headed there. The restaurant is located right in downtown Toronto at Maple Leaf Square, right beside the ACC and Union Station. The restaurant is huge, perfect for a pre-game lunch or dinner. As any sports bar does, it has a ton of TVs showing different sports. The thing that sets this place a part is the ginormous projection screen they have. I wish I would have taken a picture, but I was enamoured with the giant TV and totally forgot. As we expected, the food was on the pricy side, but nothing too absurd. I had a brisket sandwich. I have a huge thing for BBQ food. The food came out super quick and was really great. I would definitely recommend it if you’re in the area.

The new TFC double-decker to celebrate the signing of Jermain Defoe

The new TFC double-decker to celebrate the signing of Jermain Defoe

Deeming it too cold to walk the 30 minutes, we hopped on the subway and went to the Eaton Centre Mall. After an hour or so of window shopping in the mall, we checked out a few of the stores along Younge St. We didn’t find anything there either. We wanted a break from the cold and the walking and popped into the nearest Tim Horton’s. My friend Lisa and her son met us there, and we sat and chatted for a while.


Hanging out with Lisa!

We then headed back downtown. Geoff decided he was hungry and opted for a burrito bowl at Chipotle. Normally, I drop everything for a Chipotle burrito, but I wasn’t hungry yet and I was looking forward to some popcorn at the game.

To kill a little bit more time before the game, we walked down to the Rogers Centre to see if the Jays shop was open. This proved to not be the best decision we could have made, because it was freezing and the store ended up being closed, and we moseyed back to the ACC for the game.


Sup CN tower

We got inside just in time to see some of the pre-game show being taped. We found our seats, and then wandered around the arena. I got the popcorn I wanted after having to make the tough decision between the popcorn I had been craving all day or a glorious poutine. I opted for the former. We also did a little pre-game shopping thanks to the 40% discount off of all merchandise.

A little pre-game action

A little pre-game action

The Raptors played the Clippers which my brother and I were both really excited about. It was a fantastic game. I was worried the Raptors would get blown out by LA, but they stayed in it the entire game. Both teams were electric, both putting on dunking and three-pointer clinics. Let me tell you, watching Blake Griffin dunk in real life was so amazing. The home-team crowd couldn’t help but to cheer for him.  Terrence Ross matched Vince Carter’s record for most points scored in a game in franchise history with 51. That was so so so cool to see. Unfortunately, the Raptors couldn’t finish it out and lost to the Clippers 126-118. That was disappointing, but it was such a great game that we could deal with it.

I was always told that fire indoors was a bad life choice, but okay

I was always told that fire indoors was a bad life choice, but okay

T.Ross is WORKING it

T.Ross is WORKING it

After a great, yet cold day, we headed back home. Hopefully the next time I head back into the city it will be a bit warmer!

Geoff was not interested in being a part of my selfies.

Geoff was not interested in being a part of my selfies.


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