WestJet, You’ve Done It Again

My love affair with WestJet started long ago. They were who I flew with on my very first airplane ride when I was 9. They were the ones who flew me home for Christmas after my first semester at University. They were the ones who took pity on me every time I had a (severely) overweight suitcase. They are the ones who sang us ‘New York, New York’ as we were landing at La Guardia airport. They were the ones who answered my questions on social media, and they’re the ones with the best customer service in the business.

To say I’m loyal to WestJet is an understatement. I try and fly with them whenever I can. There are a lot of things that make WestJet truly stand out amongst other North American airlines. I personally have never had a bad experience with their customer service, and I’ve heard the same thing from many others. Another thing that makes them great is their dedication to their employees and community services. At the beginning of December, the company unveiled their brand new Disney-themed plane. On this aircraft’s inaugural flight, they transported members of the Boy and Girls Club of Calgary as well as volunteers to Orlando.

This week, they released a video that took very little time to go viral. They asked those flying out of Toronto and Hamilton what they wanted for Christmas. While the passengers were in the air, a team went out and got everything everyone asked for, and sent it out on the baggage carousel when the passengers arrived. The company promised that if the video hit 200,000 views, they would donate flights to families in need. As I write this, the video has a little over 1.6 million views. It’s really refreshing to see a company that clearly cares about their passengers and their community.

Check out the video below


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