Time for a Change – the guide to rearranging your bedroom

I’ve been getting super restless lately, which usually happens when I need to change something. Whether it’s a big thing, or a small thing, changing something always seems to help. This time instead of booking a plane ticket to somewhere, or going on a shopping spree, I decided to go with something a little more cost effective. It was time for my room to get switched up a little.

I haven’t rearranged my room since we moved into this house (3 and ½ years ago). To be fair, I was away at school for most of this time so I’ve never spent a long enough time in it to be sick of it. I’ve been back at home for 7 months now, so it was definitely time to mix things up.

Usually when I do these kinds of projects, I get over-zealous about them and start them right away without coming up with a game plan, and then I get overwhelmed and stop. Not this time, folks. I used this as an opportunity to test my (practically non-existent) patience. I took a few days to think about what I wanted the lay-out of my room to be.

Old habits die hard, because I got excited about finally getting around to the project that I forgot to take a few ‘before’ shots, but luckily I had at least 1 photo from  a while ago showing what my room looked like before. Sorry for the quality, iPad photos suck.


 I knew I wanted to bring my desk up from storage in the barn, which meant I had to lose another piece of furniture. So, I said good-bye to a small table/storage thing. It also meant that I had to find the screw that held the desk together. There were no signs of these screws/bolts/whatever (damn you, Ikea furniture), so I had to improvise. I am not going to lie; the screws were definitely not right for the desk, so I try not to get to wild with the desk top. For now, gravity is doing an okay job at holding the desk together.



Then came the real brunt work, aka furniture moving. I started with my bed, as well as everything underneath it. I moved that right under the window. I then moved my bookshelf over into the corner, beside where my desk was going to be. I’m not sure what was the hardest part, moving the bookshelf, or taking everything off of it and trying to put it all back exactly how I had it before. Oscar tried to help, but he wasn’t doing a very good job.


There was a little trial-and-error in play, as I moved my DVD shelf to one side of my bed and decided I didn’t like it, so I moved it to the other side. Thanks to the wheels, moving this was MUCH easier than moving my bookshelf. I left my dresser exactly where it was, because I really didn’t feel like trying to move my mirror. I then finished hanging up a picture frame that I got at the end of June with pictures of ballparks I’ve been to that I’ve been meaning to hang up since, well, June.

I made sure not to forget the ‘after’ shots; here are a few of them.






I absolutely love the way my room turned out, and I think I’m going to be spending a lot more time in here (it’s where I’m currently writing from!) It’s amazing how changing a few little (or big) things can give you a more positive outlook on things. Hopefully this will inspire a few other changes in the next little while! Like, maybe to keep my room clean for more than 2 days at a time.


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